2018 LED display Market further optimization

- May 16, 2018-

With the advent of the 2018, China's manufacturing industry also began to enter a new manufacturing environment, but also faced with a variety of unknown challenges. In fact, led packaging market for the entire LED display market stability, but also plays a pivotal role. Research from the current authoritative data organization shows that the price of mainstream led packaging components in China is generally stable. Moreover, the high-power and medium power products are no significant fluctuations, but the packaging product prices are expected to start to fall from the first quarter of 2018.

In addition, there are industry veteran analysis said that, although in recent months China's major manufacturers have been down the price of LED chip products, but because of the packaging end of the chip sourcing a longer procurement cycle, so prices did not immediately follow the downward adjustment. At present, the major industry companies in the annual performance forecasts, the overall performance continued rapid growth, most of the reason is to benefit from the LED industry boom. From the overall situation, although the price of LED chips should be stable every year, because the cost of falling. But from an objective point of view, still depends on some manufacturers to take the initiative to reduce prices or passive price. But such a small fluctuation, it seems to affect the LED chip market is not stable, and in the future, the continued expansion of LED chips will further expand market share. This is not only for LED display upstream enterprises, is a big good news for the entire LED display industry is also a matter of joy.