A kind of LED rental display screen design application

- Jan 11, 2019-

    At present LED rental screen from the original thick spacing is now to the light, thin high-density color screen and modular, simple direction of development.This has played a good role in promoting the wide application of rental products, expanding the scope of application and making ED display screen more and more become the absolute force of stage lighting engineering.

  There are both opportunities and great challenges in the rental screen market.As LED display technology matures and more manufacturers join the competition, its price is also lower and lower corporate profits


   Is slowly compressed, so to develop innovative products to occupy the market according to the needs of the rental market, we need to focus on the following stages.

   (1) in the module design stage, the key requirements of rental products are the product weight, thickness, thin light transmittance, and good resistance to sound blindness can develop some of the plastic material of the grating screen followed by injection molding in the design can also try not to fill the way or only a small amount of glue so as to reduce the weight of the product can be reduced Lower product costs make products more competitive

   (2) in the stage of system design, when the leased products are applied in the field, the installation company is often given a short time, which requires us to consider the fast stage field wiring in the stage of product design The bill.Especially for the grating screen with light requirements, if there are too many wires on the back of the screen, it will give a feeling of chaos. It is better to design some wiring positions in the hidden mode when designing the system wiring.

  In addition, the quantity of waterproof joints should be reduced to reduce the workload of installation site

   (3) during the installation and design stage, it is required to quickly install accessories when the leased products are applied on the site. If there are too many accessories, it is also required to do the same with the products during the design process rather than move around the installation site

  Look for fittings, install screw to be able to use fast installation to protect silk to press riveting directly or weld above product frame for instance, when installing, want to secure with the tool only oh.Both side lock boxes are preferred for quick installation.The dismantling work is as fast and effective as the installation work.

   The original design is the use of iron box plus aluminum lamp way heavy weight carrying inconvenience light transmittance is low.

   The new design adopts the plastic shell molded by injection molding, which has the advantages of weight, convenient handling, rapid installation and high light adaptation.


   The conclusion:

   With the development of economy, the market of LED display rental will become more and more demanding. However, there is still a gap between our overall design and production level and that of the world counterparts

   There are no world-class leasing companies in the market. In some major activities, domestic enterprises are less involved, and even fewer leasing companies can go out and participate in the world activities. Therefore, we have to design products and services Business, production and other links to study harder.