Analysis of the future development trend of LED car advertisement screen in bus rear window and Truck LED media display screen

- Jan 30, 2019-

  With the rapid development of the advertising industry and increasingly rich advertising resources, advertising media has become the object of competition among advertising companies. As an emerging advertising media, vehicle-mounted LED display advertising is a kind of outdoor advertising media with strong penetration.According to the Chinese market and media studies analyzing the survey data in 2010, in major cities in China, at least 75% of the citizens see car advertisements, and automotive special liquidity, multiple media exposure, release cycle long, the advertising budget is low, strong visual impact and other comprehensive advantages, will become the new century AD.

With the development of single-color and two-color LED display to the present form of full-color grayscale, the single-color and two-color vehicle-mounted screen is no longer enough to meet the needs of the society.

truck led screen  2

  Compared with single and two-color screen, it is relatively monotonous. It can only play some simple and boring words without rich pictures and advertising.Often can not effectively express the corresponding content, appearance is not square, lack of visual impact, is not easy to capture, attract, lock the public eye.

The field of outdoor advertising in China develops rapidly, and there are various forms of outdoor advertising represented by building body billboard, single column billboard, bus shelter billboard and body advertisement.However, the existing outdoor advertising forms are limited by various restrictions, and their communication effects are limited. The reform wave of outdoor advertising market is gathering momentum.And this kind of full-color bus advertising is the current social needs.

  The appearance is fashionable and generous, the media not only becomes the city public transportation system to lighten the component, also lets the viewer be pleasing to the eye, produces the good visual enjoyment.Stunning, strong visual impact of the image, animation video effect, easier to capture, attract, lock the eyes of the public, all-day play ultra-wide perspective of exquisite advertising.

  At present, bus projects are usually controlled by asynchronous CARDS, while tianxin communication wireless bus full-color CARDS have five advantages: 1.2, wireless car full color screen, the whole city synchronization, at the same time unified play screen;3. The project case ranks first in China and the loading quantity ranks first in China;4, optional integrated GPS positioning function, accurate car inspection, easy to manage;5. When the two-color and full-color unified online advertising release platform is more in line with the business needs of advertising companies.