Billboard led display and LCD advertising machines

- Jan 11, 2019-

What is LCD advertisement machine?

  LCD advertisement machine is what we usually call LCD advertisement machine. The LCD structure is placed between two parallel glass liquid crystals, and there are many vertical and horizontal lines between the two glasses. The light changing the direction of crystal molecules through the power supply control rod reflects the image generated.Most of them are applied to the promotion of high-end atmospheric brands, providing consumers with all-round multimedia technology of enterprise products and promotional information.



  What is LED billboard?

  LED billboard is a utility model medium for consumers to release dynamic advertising information in advance.The light source in the sphere is a high-brightness LED(light-emitting diode) Angle array.Built-in microprocessor chip processing, edited by personal computer store in the picture and text messages, in a very precise time constant light up and put out the specific point of the LED, can also directly drive brush brushless dc motor drive at high speed, in the continuous dynamic visual display, customers see graphics and text will magically appear, and 360 rotation Angle, which is LED screen rotating rubik's cube column.


advertising 3


  LED billboards and LCD advertising machines:

  The difference between the main display screen of LED billboard and LCD advertisement machine, LED brightness is relatively strong, remote viewing is very obvious, very suitable for outdoor billboard production;LCD advertising machine brightness display is not high, close view to see very clearly, suitable for the production of indoor LCD advertising machine.Advertising store LED display effect is not very strong, but the LCD screen can achieve high - definition display.More importantly, the LCD screen body is thinner than the LED screen body, more consistent with the requirements of various structure terminal appearance.


  LED advertising screen and LCD advertising screen, brightness, power consumption, perspective and refresh rate have greater advantages.Therefore, the gap between LED billboards and LCD advertising machine is quite big, the above is the difference between LED billboards and LCD advertising machine.




   Comparison between LED billboard and LCD advertisement machine:

  (1) the power consumption ratio of LCD advertising machine and LED billboard is about 10:1, in which LED screen is more environmentally friendly and energy-saving than LCD screen.

  (2) LED billboards with a higher refresh rate, video performance better performance.

  (3) the LED billboards with 160 ° wide visual Angle, can display all kinds of words, Numbers, color images, and animation information, can broadcast television, video, VCD, DVD and other color video signal.

  (4)The reaction speed of the display unit of the LED advertisement screen is 1000 times that of the LCD advertisement screen. Under the strong light line, it does not affect the clear view of video pictures and texts, and it can adapt to the low temperature area of -40 very well.




   LED billboard is composed of LED display, LCD advertising machine is composed of LCD display, simply put, LCD advertising LCD and LED billboard are two different display technology products.For LCD LCD advertising machine, shop to see the most key is the form of liquid crystal panel and backlit LCD advertising machine, LCD LCD advertising machine and panel display on the market often use TFT panel, in the same way the differences LED billboards and LCD LCD advertising machine just they form of backlight is not the same: CCFL backlight fluorescent with LED backlight of cold cathode lamp and diode respectively.