Can LED light pole screen open the future of intelligent display?

- Jan 31, 2019-

  Nowadays, the industry of smart lamp pole has become an "arena" with more and more enterprises entering the market. However, there is no good way to really meet the needs of smart lamp pole and help it continue to upgrade. Under the influence of large market, large span and big driving force, LED lamp pole screen, an indispensable part of the wisdom lamp pole, also brings greater possibilities for the wisdom future of urban construction.    

   From the current management mode of intelligent lamp pole, a large part of them rely on the intelligent management pattern of LED lamp pole screen. For example, single lamp control automatically adjusts brightness, environmental monitoring data, intelligent monitoring, large data acquisition, public broadcasting, instant release of burst information and so on, all rely on LED lamp pole screen to get greater display, and carry more intelligent value. In this homeopathic wisdom upgrade operation, the LED lamp pole screen is taking the information transformation as the highlight, the intelligent upgrade as the opportunity, and the operation revenue as the "chips" to further support the application of smart city, showing a new competitive advantage.


  The deep integration of LED lamp pole screen and intelligent lamp pole has become the consensus of the industry. However, at present, the intelligent lamp pole industry has not entered the track of a virtuous circle, and the interconnection, sharing and intelligence are still in the initial stage. Therefore, the integration of LED lamp pole screen will transform hardware advantages into software strength (all-platform intelligent control), promote interconnection, sharing, intelligence, but also become a new growth point, which is not only the demand of intelligent development, but also the opportunity of innovation of street lamp application mode.

lighting pole led display


   From tradition to intelligence and then to the integration of wisdom, many new changes have taken place in the wisdom lamp pole industry. Intelligent lamp pole attracts the attention of capital, which is essentially the result of the increasing awareness of the value of intelligence in today's society. The service advantage of LED lamp pole screen in the application of intelligent lamp pole is becoming more and more obvious, which provides greater possibilities for intelligent loading.


  In addition, many people think that the functions of monitoring, LED lamp pole screen, WIFI involved in intelligent lamp pole are entirely cross-sectoral and cross-sectoral, and the mutual restriction of interests is also a barrier.


  Whenever possible, technology, capital and industrialization are the main trends of development. As the key to determine the shape, quality grade, core function display, intelligence, cost, service life and operation benefit of intelligent lamp pole, LED lamp pole screen has basically tended to standardize, centralize and gradually penetrate the whole industry chain. The trend of complementarity and integration with the development of intelligent lamp pole has also been highlighted, forming a new wisdom pattern. It provides a strong support for the development of new formats and new models in the era of wisdom.


   It can be seen that the LED lamp pole screen in the wave of wisdom has become an integral part of the application system of building street lamp with wisdom lamp pole. In the meantime, what LED lamp pole screen providers call the future of wisdom may be even more within reach.