Car LED display function

- Jan 24, 2019-

  Vehicle-mounted LED display screen is a kind of information display product on mobile cars by using LED technology, GSM/GPRS technology, low temperature technology, anti-static technology, anti-interference technology, vehicle-mounted electronic technology and so on.Because it is based on the mobile bus as the media, it can be widely circulated in many places, bringing great advertising promotion effect, and is widely accepted, it is different from the ordinary LED display screen installed in fixed places.The reason is cars and advertising.

car led screen

Car LED display features:

a) high stability and reliability

The car is always moving, every time the brake starts to turn there will be some weak pull power, so the car LED display on the stability and reliability of electronic products are very high requirements.

b) stable power system support

The power supply of the car is powered by batteries. Similarly, when the car starts, brakes and stops, it will lead to transient power supply voltage instability. If the power system is not good, it will burn the display screen.

c) wide operating temperature range

In the north, cars are usually placed outdoors.Winter temperatures may reach to 40 ° C, summer temperatures may reach 60 ° C, this requires a power supply and display components work under wide temperature.

d) good anti-static measures

Cars are prone to static electricity during operation, especially in the fall when static voltage can reach thousands of volts. Without good anti-static measures, electric sparks can easily damage IC and LED lights.

f) appropriate brightness

Appropriate brightness. If the LED display is not bright enough, it will not be visible during the day, losing the significance of installing the display screen.If too bright affect driving.

e)LED brightness attenuation

This is the common characteristic of LED products.LED attenuation features, LED brightness is attenuation, 10-70% of the attenuation rate in a year, the quality of the half-year brightness will be reduced by half, so that it can not see the display content.

g) good promotion

Buses and other means of transportation can be said to cover every corner of the city, so their advertising effects can also affect the whole city, thus bringing great publicity effect for products and services.

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