Full color LED display screen content text font How to modify?

- May 16, 2018-

Just contact the full color LED display friends, I believe that the LED display is not too familiar. So some questions will be referred to often, such as Full-color LED display content text font How to modify it?

How to set up? For Full-color LED display settings, in fact, not so difficult. Because each LED display will be accompanied by a control card and related software, once the screen installed can be the control card and power supply are connected. Use the computer to execute the software, so it is convenient to change the font, font and related content.

The related effect also shows very vividly. In the change related LED display content above, we can also through the use of mobile phones, u disk, and even computers to operate. If you add a GSM SMS control card to the LED display, you can use your mobile phone to do the operation. This can be done by editing related text messages to send and replace the subtitle content of the ads.