Full color led display technology features and this composition

- Jan 30, 2019-

  LED full color screen system consists of video transfer and processing, video control, information transmission and display control.

  A. Video conversion and processing

All kinds of different video signals are converted into a unified form according to the set requirements through their respective processing channels. After the selected DVI signals are processed, they are output to the control part of video in DVI format.

  B. Video control

Video DVI signal and computer DVI signal are converted from D to D in various places, and fi-fo (fifo) storage and complex coding process are completed to form a data system conforming to desai LED display system standard.Then KET circuits control the two images by combining them at a certain language-color level.Realize computer image over lay to video.The above conversion, storage, processing and other processes make full use of video and computer signal feedback time is the real meaning of the synchronous display, without a pause.Because there is no compression of the signal processing, the signal content is not lost, so the display screen realistic, natural, rich sense of hierarchy.


Full color LED display.3

 C. Information transmission

In order to facilitate transmission, the signal will be processed into digital signals of serial frequency, which will be transmitted through coaxial cable or fiber optic system, and the restored serial signals will be sent to the display screen. After processing and distribution, each LED display control unit will be controlled.

Full color LED display.jpg


  D. Display control

Display control module is a key part of the whole system. The quality and performance of this module determine the quality and effect of the display screen.There is no direct relation between the perception of color and the spectral distribution of light, that is, the human eye can only distinguish three kinds of color changes: brightness, hue and saturation.Modern colorimetry adopts the color measurement principle, data and calculation method prescribed by CIE, namely CIE1931 colorimetric chart which we are familiar with.

According to the CIE chromaticity diagram, we adopt the constant current stepped driving mode for LED, and realize the control of each pixel and adopt special technology to ensure the LED full-color display to achieve the best color display under different conditions, so that the brightness, tone and saturation match.