How to choose the stage rental LED display?

- May 16, 2018-

1, stage LED display by the stage main screen, secondary screen, and expand the screen composition. The role of the main screen is live and wonderful playback, the general choice of high-definition rectangular LED display, point spacing is generally within the P6, the area of the larger the better, so that the scene on the stage smoothly displayed in front of the scene audience. The main screen will be configured on both sides of a number of secondary screen, the secondary screen can choose a special form of creative LED display, such as the S-shaped surface screen, led flexible screen, led cylindrical screen, such as special-shaped screen. If the budget is limited, the side screen can also choose to use a lower cost screen.

Stage video expansion screen is generally used for special large-scale stage, concerts and so on, to take care of the rear audience, so that all the audience can clearly see everything on the stage. 

2, Stage LED display screen selection is very important, but also need to choose a suitable control system. Under normal circumstances, the stage LED display area is larger, pixel high, the number of points required to send the cassette, sometimes require more than one control card cascade splicing control.

To show better results, we usually need to use the video processor, so that the video can be spliced and cut, to achieve multiple windows, painting, scalable, strong video effect more smooth. Due to the special stage LED display, the general use of standardized box structure, easy disassembly, light quality, convenient transportation. The box is lightweight, quick to install, dismantle and transport, suitable for large area leasing and fixed installation application sites.