How to see if the purchased Full-color LED display is HD

- May 16, 2018-

LED display has received extensive attention since its birth, with the continuous progress of installation technology in recent years, has been recognized by various industry areas of application. LED display of the production and maintenance is also required professional knowledge, want to know you buy Full-color LED display is HD?

To achieve high-definition display must have four factors: first, the source requires full HD; the second is the display requirements can support full HD; the third is to reduce the LED display point spacing; four is LED display and video processor combination, so just look at the 4 points to know. Improve the contrast of Full-color LED display screen is one of the key factors that affect the visual effect, in general, the higher the contrast, the clearer the image, the more vivid the color. High contrast is helpful to the sharpness, detail performance and gray level performance of the image.

In some black-and-white contrast larger text, video display, high contrast full-color LED display in Black-and-white contrast, clarity, integrity and so on have advantages. Contrast for dynamic video display effect to a greater extent, because the dynamic image of light and shade conversion faster, the higher the contrast, the more easily the eyes of the human eye to identify such a conversion process. In fact, led full color contrast improvement is mainly to improve the brightness of full-color LED display and reduce the surface reflectance of the screen, but the brightness is not higher the better, too high, but will backfire, not only will affect the life of LED display, will also cause light pollution. Light pollution has become a hot topic now, and high brightness will have an impact on the environment and the population. Full-color LED display LED panel and led light-emitting tube for special processing, can reduce the LED panel reflectivity, can also improve the contrast of full-color LED display.