Indoor led four features

- Jan 09, 2019-

   In recent years, with the continuous innovation of Indoor LED Displays technology, the technology has become more and more mature, and it has also appeared in various Indoor public places successively, which has brought huge influence on our life and work.Indoor LED Displays why are they popular among consumers in just a few years?This stems from its four major characteristics.

  1. Low consumption and more environmental protection

The most important point is Indoor LED Displays with low consumption and stable power and more super stability in use.At the back of the display screen, there is a display brightness luminous nameplate, which will reflect the specific use method and matters needing attention of the display screen.We should correctly operate the display device according to the label.


  2. Larger view Angle and more accurate refresh frequency

Indoor LED Displays, precision and screen brightness, or occupy a certain proportion.Suitable for indoor use of the display screen, in the screen imaging, brightness display, static refresh frequency, have certain advantages, can adapt to a variety of information, information needs;In addition, the large viewing Angle of the screen also enables people to see the display information more naturally.

  3. Adjustable brightness

Indoor LED display screen, compared with outdoor full color display screen, there is no excessive brightness requirements, just the whole indoor full line, therefore, in the LED display chip and luminous module, equipped with strict control, greatly facilitate the brightness requirements, color uniform soft, let consumers more easily accepted.

  4, easy to security, easy to manage

As Indoor LED Displays, the reliable installation performance of the product itself largely determines the audience degree of the display screen. This compact, all-aluminum module design product can be quickly installed and disassembled, facilitating the use of various Indoor occasions, counters, information desks and other equipment.Adopt double wall hanging method, can make your equipment more stable.