LED advertising light box features

- Jan 14, 2019-

  In recent years, the development process of light box advertising can be regarded as a great technical upgrade. It is beautiful and elegant in both day and night and has the advantage of strong visual impact.The production of all sorts of lamp box, brought more choice opportunity to advertisement producer.



  What are the advantages and characteristics of LED advertising lights?


1. The advertising effect achieved at night is particularly obvious, because the production purpose of this kind of light box is to be displayed at night, and the bright color publicity or logo and eye-catching advertising slogan can well improve the visual impact of night on people.It also works better during the day.


2, because the advertising light box significant advertising effects, so the market space is very large, can be generally accepted!General living areas or commercial streets, streets and alleys are basically universal.This kind of advertising equipment production is simple, generally engaged in electronic industry maintenance personnel can be installed production, the cost is not very big.Easy to master!LED light boxes, LED electronic lighting market prices are low and demand is great, LED electronic light box is the use of super bright light-emitting tube and the controller, it can constantly flashing, can also be normally on flash, improved people's visual impact, 24-hour day and night, it will attract the attention of the passers-by at any time, effective play to the role of the advertising, so that the customers.


3, the use of products have a let everyone concern about the problem, that is, the service life, because the service life of the length of employment will be involved in their own cost of how much to pay, the longer the service life of the merchant for the more assured.Because of this kind of lamp equipment life time the service life of the general quality goods LED light-emitting diodes, in 5-100000 hours, and even normally on 24 hours a day, service life is more than 5 years, service life is greater than the light bulb or (a 50 * 80 cm, double electronic light box, about 20, or 50 hours of 1, 1 cent per hour, is one over ten of the ordinary light box power consumption.So is the best choice of merchants!




  Technical parameters of LED light box making:


1, the production of advertising light box is not very difficult, is the general organization combination!Need a few to use black aluminous model board above all, PVC board, acrylic board, plastic board, or other insulation material, because advertisement lamp box is put in outdoor show, wind blows rain to be drizzled, easy corroding reaction, careless also can appear leak the accident of a kind of fire, must use insulation material so!Use an electric drill or engraving machine to type the words or patterns you want to display.


2, the external material selection is correct, is the internal tube, the lamp is mainly installed on the link, the bright tube by +-, +-,...+-, +- series welding or hand twisting, no loose place, produce A positive pole (mark A+) and A negative pole (mark K-).Note: diode long foot is "+" (positive) pole, short foot is "-" (negative) pole.The direction of +- can also be distinguished by the sign "-" (negative) pole where there is a small gap in the back of the bright tube (hat edge).For example, no more than 96---105 bright red tubes per group, no more than 59---63 bright blue tubes per group, and no more than 66---70 bright green tubes per group should be connected in series.


3, within the advertising light box series installation, need to pay attention to some places, string into the appropriate amount of resistance to each light pipe series, no positive negative resistance, resistance end after each series of light pipe brings very: "-" (negative), negative resistance at the other end received the light tube controller (make sure received a controller of the cathode resistor).The current of each branch of the bright tube should be adjusted to 19mA 1mA. The resistance should be 1k/2w, for example, 5k. Five resistors with 1k value and 2w power can be connected together.Connect the positive pole of each group in series with the common positive pole (red line) of the controller, and connect the negative pole of each group in series with the control negative pole (green line, yellow line, black line and white line) of the controller.Install all internal wiring in series thoroughly!


4, when all the installation is complete, need to debug, check the connection is correct, it will light up after the power, simple measurement method, with the multimeter dc voltage 50V file, measurement of one of the 1K resistance voltage is about 15-20v (preferably less than 18V), beyond 20V add a 1K resistance.In order to facilitate debugging and measurement, the controller pattern can be connected to the state of long delay interval. At this time, the output of the controller is in the state of large proportion of long light and short off.After the debugging of the line, seal the whole line with hot melt insulating glue with the hot melt gun to prevent the circuit from welding, leakage and short circuit.After the completion of debugging is encapsulated, all the surface of the acrylic plate and other insulation materials encapsulated, and finally packaged and sealed into the carton to make the finished products can be out of the warehouse!


5, the last is to maintain, because electronic products category, according to a lot of times the current instability and the earth will be a little small problems, if you don't bright chy-tech, use multimeter dc 250 v, black pens and connect the controller the negative line (green line, yellow, black, white line), red pens and connect the controller red line public positive, if instructed to beat in 200-220 - v, it means normal controller;The black watch pen does not move, and the red watch pen measures the voltage at both ends of each bright tube in turn. If the voltage difference between the two pins of a bright tube is very big or no voltage, it indicates that the bright tube is damaged. Please try again after replacement.Note: according to the number of bright tubes, select the appropriate resistance value value, each current control at about 20mA.Pay attention to the after-sales maintenance of the light box, make the life more long!

The most important role of light box advertising is to do effective publicity at night when it gets dark.




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