LED billboards and neon billboards contrast

- Jan 14, 2019-

  First, advertising word LED billboards: made of iron after the surface of the font with acrylic sheet closed, installed with LED lighting module, the form has the following several kinds: monochrome luminous word, colorful colorful luminous word, full color CNC luminous word.LED advertising words due to the surface of the bright colors of acrylic plates, the daytime effect is more beautiful than the neon metal words, night light, as long as the brightness is enough, the effect is even better than the neon full row.But the cost is much lower.LED advertising words with energy saving, long life and other characteristics.And can achieve color change and color nc word by word gradient, the whole word by change, forward gradient, backward gradient and other functions, and according to people can be free programming, high technology content.Neon sign billboard: use iron sheet to make it glyph, the neon light is fixed along the glyph periphery, when need to increase the brightness, use the neon light to make the whole glyph full row.

advertising 2


  Second´╝îBackground scanning LED billboard:

  1, digital background scanning: made of acrylic monomer module, by hundreds or even tens of thousands of luminous modules pulled into the electronic curtain wall, work by the digital controller control the content of the electronic curtain wall, the device can be completely according to people's intentions for full color scanning, change all kinds of font or graphics.
  2, voice control electronic curtain wall: according to music to control the storefront curtain wall variable light horse and level instructions, to attract the attention of customers.Billboards made of LED background scanning have the dynamic scanning of power saving, long life, colorful and graphics and glyphs.
  3, digital guardrail tube display screen: can be full color glyph or graphics and video synchronous control, except a single pixel larger display effect and full color electronic display is the same but the cost is greatly reduced.Neon billboards: behind the words of advertising with neon tube full row can be made of single scan, color scan and digital scan.Shenzhen red hall advertising engineering co., LTD focus on visual communication field, providing customers with big brand advertising image design planning, advertising system design plan, indicating system planning and design, advertising creative design, lighting engineering design, assist clients to achieve the strategy, corporate image design and transmission task, business involves the whole shenzhen and the pearl river delta region