LED curtain screen and LED grating display technology

- Jan 22, 2019-

There are many kinds of LED displays. In order to meet different assembly conditions in daily use, there are curtain screen and grating screen.

1. LED curtain screen and LED grating screen are mainly used for indoor and outdoor ultra-large real-time display projects, and curtain screen is mostly used for large stage rental;

2. In order to ensure the sufficient brightness of outdoor engineering pixels, the front of the module is sealed with silicone for waterproof treatment. The color of silicone can be matched according to the engineering requirements according to the color card.

3. The outgoing line of the module is an excellent silica gel wire with high and low temperature, with professional waterproof connector. The fully sealed waterproof structure carefully designed by the professional has a protection level up to 1P67, which can adapt to various indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity environments.


4, a number of mold level can form a full color display wall;

5, can replace the use of digital tube as a linear light source, from the connection point light source lighting effect is more different;

6. It can be arbitrarily combined with various shapes for convenient installation without affecting the appearance and structure of original objects;

7. LED curtain display screen and LED grating display screen can be used for outdoor and indoor, requiring light transmittance, large pixel spacing and certain decorative effect. It is a kind of LED display application product between ordinary display screen and lighting.


8. The display unit is strip, which can be assembled into internal arc display surface, external arc display surface, internal circle display surface, S display surface, spherical display and other special-shaped screens, with display effects that cannot be achieved by ordinary conventional displays;

9. LED curtain display screen and LED grating display screen have the advantages of light weight, good wind resistance, convenient installation, good heat dissipation performance, convenient front and rear maintenance, good waterproof performance, good seismic performance, low cost of auxiliary installation frame, silent without fan, etc.;

10. When LED curtain display screen and LED grating display screen are used for outdoor use, the approval can play a marginal game with the government, and the approval in the form of building lighting can bypass the obstacles of commercial display screen approval.