LED display module

- Jan 29, 2019-

  LED display module is one of the main components of the finished LED display!It is mainly composed of LED lamp, PCB board, drive IC, resistor, capacitor and plastic package.

  LED display module classification:

  Folding is separated by luminous color

  LED display module by color.One: monochrome modules, such as single red, single green, single blue, single yellow, single white modules.Two: two-color modules such as red and green, red and blue.Three: the full color module mainly red, green and blue three basic colors on an LED module products

led module

  From the use of space

  LED display modules can be divided into indoor, semi-outdoor and outdoor modules according to their use space.

  Fold from using lamp beads to separate

  According to the different LED packaging devices, LED display module is divided into: direct plug lamp LED display module, indoor lattice LED display module, table paste LED display module.

led medal 3

  Folds are separated by pixel spacing

  According to the spacing of LED pixel points, p10, p4, p7.62, p5, p8, p12, p16 and p20 are commonly used

1. Play the role of commodity publicity and attract customers.

2. Play the role of store decoration and improve the level of the enterprise.

3. Play the role of lighting and novelty.

4. To popularize knowledge.(it can be used to broadcast small information of enterprise products and knowledge of relevant industries)

Act as a bulletin board.(promotion, recruitment information release)

6. Serve as a foil to the atmosphere.Through the display screen can play the superior leadership and all kinds of VIP visit, guidance of the welcoming words, all kinds of major festivals to celebrate the word.

7. It plays a warning role and is often used for road traffic LED navigation instructions.

There is no denying that the ultimate purpose of businesses to set up billboards is to publicize commodity information, attract target customers and make the maximum profit as possible as possible.And LED billboard is to achieve this purpose to become the first choice of enterprise publicity.