LED Display Precision Module panel

- May 16, 2018-

The production of the precision module spare stock, with the use. Although the same precision module to determine the color of light, the module uniformity without flower points, but each module will be colored, with the screen assembly like a Rubik's cube, mosaic phenomenon is clearly visible. However, the ZQ9705 smart chip in the formation of the [Smart Unit board], you can easily deal with this situation, it is with point to adjust the technology, the scheme has long been mature, adjust the brightness of each lamp has become a reality, the modulation module is easy, and, the difference between the adjustment module, Can be adjusted by the brightness ratio of RGB three colors completely.

Therefore, to achieve this function, the company ZQ9705 Smart Chip is of course the first choice. The last century originated in Japan (5S) In recent years has developed into 7 s, is the factory finished production of the bad rate has been effectively controlled and productivity increased, the cost of better control; This has to say is the Japanese industry overtakes European and American enterprises a very important factor. To talk about the "Six Sigma" originated from Motorola, through being praised as the first person in the World business Management Welch carry forward in the major world-class enterprises have proved to be fruitful. Full color LED display screen after the beginning of the original era will also meet the standardization of production innovation in order to make the industry healthier, more efficient, greener environmental development.