- Jan 02, 2019-

    In recent years, with the continuous advancement of the construction of smart cities, supporting projects related to smart cities are also in full swing. In the construction of smart cities, smart tourism has also been proposed.

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                                                       What is Intelligent Tourism?

     Intelligent tourism, which uses cloud computing, Internet of Things and other new technologies, through the mobile Internet, with the help of portable terminal Internet access equipment, actively perceives tourism resources, tourism activities and other information. Intelligent tourism can give people a different sensory experience.

     So how to get the best sensory experience?

     In order to get the best sensory experience, it is necessary to integrate some tourism resources effectively and reasonably.

     In the construction of intelligent tourism, what will our LED display industry do?

     With the advent of intelligent tourism, LED display enterprises need to change their concepts at first. They can not only regard the LED display as a single display engineering product. Based on the functional characteristics of the LED display, they also need to combine other surrounding resources to develop more abundant display content.

     Recently, the "night tour economy" which emerges from the integration of tourism resources with LED display screen fully mobilizes people's sensory experience.

     In recent years, with the continuous improvement of LED display technology and the maturity of other supporting technologies, the role of LED display in people's lives is also growing.

     The combination of new technologies such as AR, VR, HDR, 3D and LED display and tourism projects has expanded new contents for LED display.

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     In many scenic spots, LED glass display is installed on the trestle. When people walk on it, they will see the image of glass bursting and the sound of glass breaking. This will increase the entertainment and at the same time make people feel exciting and novel!

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     The combination of 3D special effect glass viewing platform and glass trestle bridge will give people different sensory effects. This is mainly the use of human visual errors to give people a real sense of immersion.

     According to the State Tourism Administration, it will take 10 years for China to realize "intelligent tourism". Eighteen cities, including Beijing, Wuhan and Fuzhou, will be selected as the first batch of national pilot cities for intelligent tourism, followed by 15 cities, such as Tianjin and Guangzhou, which will be listed as the second batch of national pilot cities for tourism.

     The construction of intelligent tourism will expand the display market of LED display screen, promote the optimization and upgrading of LED display screen, and make continuous progress in technology and technology of LED display screen. LED display screen will have great potential under intelligent tourism.