LED display screen is worthy of the stage C bit !

- Feb 20, 2019-

  With the continuous innovation of LED display technology and products, the application of LED display in the field of digital beauty dance is becoming more and more widespread. From various star concerts, to fashion and entertainment festivals, product launches, year-end festivals, exhibitions and so on, LED display shows more and more excellent visual effects in the most eye-catching way, and gradually becomes the stage worthy of the "C position"!



  For example, the LED special-shaped screen used in Jay Chou's concert before, its unparalleled stage effect won a little praise in the industry, as well as the transparent screen in Wang Fei's "Fantasy One" concert, and so on. Not only that, from several recent stage applications, we can also feel the innovation and vitality of current LED leasing products.

     Bare-eyed 3D four-sided platform!

     Wang Feng's "This Is It" National Tour

     On Nov. 3, Wang Feng's long-awaited nationwide tour "This Is It" shocked and sang at Guangzhou Baoneng International Sports Performance Center.


  The tour broke Wang Feng's traditional concert mode, challenged the design of the four-sided platform of the stadium for the first time, and built the stage with a circular design that can highlight the visual expression. The LED ground screen and the LED background screen create the unique space 3D sense and dimensionality sense of the circular four-sided platform in the scene, and create a perfect bare-eyed 3D, "immersion" music audio-visual feast.

     LED special-shaped screen + ground curtain,

     Create "Time Shuttle" Tunnel!

     Recently, in the fashion show of 2019, Demna Gvasalia, creative director, and Jon Rafman, a Canadian new media artist, created a "time shuttle" tunnel to guide us through the future.


   The show is composed of a narrow semi-circular LED screen and digital ground curtain. Models come slowly in the tunnel, like entering another world, which traverses time and space, and moves towards the future.

     LED special-shaped screen + mechanical device,

     Interpretation of the beauty of the national style! 

     In order to better promote national music and promote Chinese traditional culture, NetEase Yun Music has recently prepared the first music festival with national songs as the main theme - "National Wind Night of Paradise".

     The theme of this stage is the rolling hills in Chinese traditional painting. Background main screen, side screen and return screen are all mountain-like LED display screens, with central open-close LED screen and lifting platform LED as the main carrier of visual communication. Among them, the open and close LED can be separated into six vertical screens and presented separately. Through movement, the open and close LED screens can form different combinations of shapes. Combined with pre-shooting, matting and other technologies, the performances between actors and images can be realized and complement each other.

     There are many wonderful applications of LED digital dance beauty, not to mention here. In recent years, with the further prosperity of the LED display rental industry, the demand for LED rental display products has been constantly rising. From the aspect of industry, no matter technology, products or solutions, there has been a qualitative leap. For the industry, the prosperity of the digital dance market has led to the positive development of the LED rental industry.

     At the same time, the improvement and progress of LED rental products in the industry has made the LED display screen have a very dazzling performance on many large-scale performances, literary and artistic evenings, star concerts, activities and other stages. Let's admire it, but also full of confidence in the future of the industry. By the end of the year, what kind of brilliant performance will LED display show in the field of digital dance, let's work together? Rub one's eyes and wait!