LED interactive floor tile screen on the New Year's eve party stage

- Jan 29, 2019-

  New Year's eve concert although the past has gone, but people still with relish the attack of the concert all, the stage on the ground "pit", lip-synching, off-key and so on take turns to become the focus of speech.But more attention to the LED screen, must be the stage used in the LED display screen.This year, the number of LED screens used in various stages is still very considerable. For example, the New Year's eve concert stage of zhejiang satellite TV Shared Nineteen hundred and four LED screens, two screen screens and one hundred and twenty four screen screens. The number is staggering.However, more people have to pay attention to is that LED interactive floor tile screen figure become very common, and even jiangsu satellite TV open giant round stage only with floor tile screen!LED interactive floor tile screen after all why fire?Today, let's discuss the problem.

  LED interactive floor tile screen everywhere, leng yan New Year stage!

  It is reported that hunan satellite TV, jiangsu satellite TV, dragon TV, Beijing satellite TV and sichuan satellite TV are the only satellite TV channels that have obtained the 2019 New Year's eve party license.As early as New Year's eve, we have already reported the stage planning of each satellite TV's New Year's eve party in advance, and after the New Year's eve party stage officially appeared, it is very simple to find that these stage planning, are used in the LED interactive floor tile screen.One of the most typical is the hunan TV and jiangsu TV, the former presents the large LED screen interactive floor tile, the latter is only use LED screen, interactive floor tile completely abandon the practice of stage and screen, while the remaining three TV also use LED screen, interactive floor tile and cover more main stage, on the ground area is broad.

stage led screen.jpg


  To sum up, in the process of acting, LED interactive floor tile screen and multi-cooperation LED large screen form an overall display effect and give the audience an immersive visual experience.But only relying on the LED screen of jiangsu TV, interactive floor tile is directly to floor tile screen and lighting to foil atmosphere, creating fine about cool stage, actor's body movements, and add the cooperation movement orbit developing corresponding content stage, add a dance can watch.Since last year, jiangsu satellite TV New Year stage is now a "founding" all around way, replace the practice with the floor tile of large screen panel, atmosphere and dazzling stage to get a lot of praise, and the combination of LED screen interactive floor tile of multiple stage to play a more and more "black" of science and technology.

  The setting of the stage is changed to promote the use of LED interactive floor tiles

In the industry's cognition of LED interactive floor tile screen, the viewing Angle of the screen is much criticized, because the traditional stage is high stage and low audience, so that more people can see the play on the stage.However, due to the impact of the size of the field of view, it is difficult for the audience to see clearly the stage floor, and the LED interactive floor tile screen becomes dispensable.However, with the prosperity of stage performance such as concerts, more and more people like to watch the performance on the spot, the host side often needs more venues to meet the needs of the audience, so the venues for concerts more into stadiums.Then, the view point to watch the play, also become from a height overlooking the stage, so the LED interactive floor tile screen built-in perspective restrictions, also easy to resolve.

  Moreover, the auditorium of the stadium is mostly set in a wrap-around way, and the traditional three-sided stage is not as pleasing as the four-sided stage when the organizers expect to have more seats for sale.The conventional stage screen takes the three-sided stage as the most typical stage type. Therefore, the LED interactive floor tile screen becomes more popular with the increasingly popular four-sided stage.Such as Jacky cheung concert is frequently used all around the stage, Aaron kwok, jolin tsai, sun nan, soda green, etc many singers also have personal concert held all around the stage experience.This shows, although 3 face stage still is current, but all round stage also is big heat, and as the screen type that fits all round stage most, LED interactive floor tile screen perspective also will appropriate and considerable.

Folded led display 2

  Holographic, induction skills drive floor tile screen role great.

  As these two years in jiangsu satellite TV New Year concert twice using holographic skills, in practice LED screens later stage, the stage effect can become monotonous, while in recent years, more and more sophisticated holographic skills become the best, and even on the stereoscopic effect is LED screen.However, the completion of the holographic effect is obviously not simple, in the "burn money" of the five major satellite TV New Year's eve concert, holographic projection is rare, and in order to holographic projection and stage combination more harmonious, LED interactive floor tile screen cooperation becomes appropriate important.As jiangsu TV stage, this year with a holographic projection invented in accordance with the second song yuan virtual JiLuo day, elegant approach, in the form of skating on the stage in a beautiful ice mark, this is also the performance of the floor tile of holographic projection to interact with the LED screen.


  Together, the collaboration of actor and stage also became a trend.Dancer's graceful dance on the stage, LED interactive floor tile screen follow dancer's track to show the corresponding pattern;The singer takes a walk on the stage, and the LED interactive floor tile screen can create the graceful situation of "step by step lotus" for the singer. These stage plans are also frequently presented on various stages.LED interactive floor tile screen and actor interaction, foil the atmosphere of the stage together, also let the broad stage become no longer monotonous, enhance the playability.

  Now, the audience aesthetic fatigue, simple in traditional stage planning that stimulate the planners to seek more changeable and attract stage effect, under this, more novel stage show skills became one of the key.As a rising star of the stage, LED interactive floor tile screen will also have a place in the field of dance art with its innovative and changeable visual experience.