Look to the future LED display new air opening!

- May 16, 2018-

Recently, Samsung launched the first led film screen, but also with the Thai theater cooperation, as the global market to promote the strategy of the "Test water", earn enough attention.

It is reported that the film screen width of 10.24 meters, high 5.4 meters, screen with 4 K resolution playback content, pixel for 4,096 x 2,160, industry media calculation, the display for P2.5 small spacing LED screen, the corresponding led for 1010 package, is now the mainstream package size of small spacing. Admittedly, the film market is almost not close to the LED display industry, but simply from this small spacing screen, point distance is not high, I believe the industry can produce such products in the number of enterprises only a lot. And with the current domestic enterprise technology and product quality, to be competent movie screen is not difficult, and now there are indeed domestic manufacturers successfully into the Middle East film Screen market, for more than 20 local cinemas production, installed led film screen.

Although many people think that led screen as a movie screen price high, stability is difficult to guarantee, but in people on the display of quality requirements more and more high trend, the market for LED film screen acceptance more is linked to the display effect, and other factors, I believe that with the mature technology and market running-in, everything will not be a problem. In the increasingly mature technology today, LED display and people's daily large screen display needs of the Fit also continue to improve, small spacing, transparent screen, interactive tile screen and many other emerging products are increasingly sought after. Whether the stage, security scheduling, video conferencing, digital ads for the LED display, or the above mentioned landscape lighting, film screen market for LED display of the olive branch, all show the current LED display in the social life of the important position. In this positive trend, LED display enterprises should seize the opportunity, head-on, and open up a broader market blue sea, for people to bring better visual enjoyment.