Ma-Yun's-ambition-has-come-true, no-one-hotel-has-come!

- Jan 08, 2019-

                          Why is the market favored by nobody's hotel? What are the advantages?

                                                    Safety and worry-saving

     In the past, it was necessary to sign more than N names, swipe cards and pay deposits, worrying about whether identity information would be leaked. Now it's completely unnecessary, just mobile phone booking, face recognition auditing on OK!


Increase of efficiency

     The Avenir Hotel can be handled through the automatic check-in machine in the lobby. It can also be processed through APP in advance. Online selection of the floor, location and orientation of the room can be done with Alipay and identity cards.

Quality Service Upgrading

     Skycat Elves and Intelligent Console. Not only can the curtain be closed by shouting in the air, but also it can be called to adjust the lighting mode. You can also call a half-human, free-moving robot to provide you with slippers, utensils and meals. This is your exclusive service in the hotel.

Technological Experience

     Another scenario with a strong sense of technology belongs to the hotel gym. Holographic interactive screen plays the role and identity of private education. Lighting and feedback are very modern.

Reducing Hotel Operation Cost

     Hotel control system includes check-in, personalized experience system and check-out mode. Automatically adjust facilities according to customer's use status. Energy consumption is minimized. Reduce the operating cost by a large margin and increase the profit margin.

     From the experience point of view, it really has a bright future. Without the front desk, you can use mobile apps or check in in several self-service machines in the hotel lobby; face recognition is everywhere, facial brushing can enter the room, restaurant, gym, elevator, no room card is needed; there is no telephone in the room. Skycat Elves can answer many questions, but also help you close windows, turn on lights, adjust air conditioning temperature; as for the design and decoration style, "a sense of the future" is enough to describe everything. It can also interact with people on the smart screen, the screen will change according to people's dynamic.


     Everything in the future hotel depends on "face"

     The starry sky map on the left is actually a smart screen that can interact with people. Into the screen, according to human dynamics, will produce corresponding changes, originally filled with cold technology sense of machinery and equipment, as if in this way to tell consumers: Welcome, I have felt your arrival.


Lobby Interactive Screen

     Since its establishment in 2008, Jiangsu Bright Electronics has been supplying all kinds of green and energy-saving middle and high-end LED photoelectric products and solutions for the global human beings. For the construction of customers, government, commerce and cities, Jiangsu's brilliance never stops!