OPPO Folding Screen Mobile Phone New Patent Exposure

- Feb 27, 2019-

    At the end of 18 years, a patent of OPPO for folding screen mobile phones was exposed, revealing some information about OPPO's research on folding screen mobile phones. At present, OPPO's updated patent for folding screen mobile phones has been re-exposed, demonstrating the company's new thinking about folding screen mobile phones.


    According to the new patent design of OPPO folding screen exposed by 91mobiles, on one side of the screen, there are holes in the receiver, front camera and other components, in which the camera can act as a rear camera after the folding of the mobile phone; in the unfolding form, there are also two large circular holes in the back, which may be prepared for the opening of the camera, so that the device can shoot in the folding and unfolding form. 。 There are also obvious hinges in the middle fold of the backplane of the mobile phone.


    For folding screen phones, OPPO's product manager confirmed to Dutch technology website Tweakers that OPPO will launch foldable smartphones at the Mobile World Congress in February this year. However, Shen Yiren, deputy president of OPPO, once said, "I don't think folding screen is of great value until it can solve the problem of how to improve users'interaction or experience."


   At present, the application of folding screen mobile phones is still in the process of exploration, and the improvement of interaction or experience for users needs to be tested by the market. Therefore, according to Shen Yiren's opinion, even if you can see OPPO folding screen mobile phones on MWC2019, it is likely that they will only display prototypes, and will not be listed on a large scale or even on the market.

     And OPPO patents about folding screen mobile phones have been exposed, and the brand new OPPO Limn trademark is likely to be prepared for folding screen mobile phones, reflecting OPPO's exploration and preparation in folding screen mobile phones. Therefore, when OPPO launches market-oriented folding screen mobile phone products, consumers may experience the amazing feeling when OPPO released Find X last year.