Performance analysis of special SMD devices for outdoor full-color SMD display screen

- Jan 24, 2019-

A、An overview,

LED display with its high brightness, weather resistance, large size occupied the large size indoor and outdoor display of the mainstream market, and CRT display (CRT), liquid crystal display (LCD) and plasma display (PDP) in the small size, indoor close viewing of the display of the mainstream market.

Led displays have been widely used in advertising, stage, public information display, sports transportation facilities and other fields.LED display can be divided into indoor, outdoor and semi-outdoor LED display according to the use environment;According to the display color is divided into monochrome screen, two-color screen and full color screen;According to the selected devices are divided into digital dot matrix screen, direct plug LED screen and SMD SMD screen.

outdoor SMD led screen

B、The Main advantages of outdoor full-color SMD display screen

As is known to all, outdoor LED displays were all made of direct-plug oval red, green and blue LED devices one or two years ago, and in this year or two, outdoor full-color SMD displays with pixel spacing of 8mm to 16mm are gradually emerging and widely used.

Before, because SMD SMD brightness, and waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-ultraviolet function can not meet the requirements of the harsh outdoor environment, outdoor full-color display is the world of direct plug LED devices.Full-color SMD display can only be widely used in indoor.With the progress of LED chip technology and LED packaging technology, SMD brightness and protection level has been able to meet the needs of outdoor applications, and full-color SMD SMD display with more full-color straight plug LED display is difficult to achieve some advantages, so it has a faster application.

outdoor SMD led screen2.jpg

The advantages of outdoor full-color SMD display compared with outdoor straight oval LED display are shown in the following aspects:

(a) wide perspective

Outdoor full-color SMD displays have 110-degree viewing angles in both horizontal and vertical directions, which is particularly advantageous in some applications.

(b) good light distribution

The matching consistency of the red, green and blue oval LED brightness at different angles is a very difficult index, while the full-color SMD is designed as a three-in-one structure with red, green and blue colors

The chip is all in a bracket bowl, so the matching consistency of red, green and blue brightness at different angles is highly consistent, so that the outdoor full-color SMD display screen has a good brightness matching consistency at any Angle to achieve better color fidelity.

(c) good light mixing

Because the design structure is three-in-one, the three chips are very close to each other, and the light is mixed in the same bracket bowl, instead of three discrete oval LED, so the red, green and blue light mixing effect is better than the straight plug oval LED screen, especially suitable for close viewing.

(d) high contrast

Because of the three-in-one design structure, the size of full-color SMD is small, so the luminous area is small and the black area is large, which improves the contrast of LED display.

(e) automatic production

SMD can use automatic SMD machine for automatic SMD, high production efficiency.The circuit design of full-color SMD display module can realize the integration of lamp board and drive board, which reduces the cost, improves the reliability and improves the production efficiency.

Automatic patch production can also improve the vertical accuracy of SMD on the circuit board, and overcome the vertical accuracy problem of straight plug oval LED on the circuit board, so as to ensure better optical effect.