Small Pitch LED Display Will Usher In A New Era Of Intelligence!

- Jan 08, 2019-

   Small spacing LED display smart era of growing maturity, it means that the smart era has quietly come to an intelligent benchmark social posture, will lead the entire social application of technology a new round of baptism, the current LED display control system, Has been in signal recognition, remote monitoring, touch display and other aspects have been very obvious show, in the current urban transport, and security monitoring and other fields have been the forefront! And in recent exhibitions and even some applications have been on the market, its typical application we are familiar with is the construction of smart city LED lamp pole screen lamp system, the system gathered display, communication, environment, lighting and many other functions, In information dissemination, mobile communications and other aspects of urban life provides a very large convenience.

    Facts have proved that the so-called LED display intelligent display is based on the current technology, by carrying the appropriate environmental sensors and sensors, and collected information through powerful data processing capabilities, the corresponding treatment and presented to achieve more Advanced human-computer interaction and more powerful user experience, as a display system with information LED display system, the previous LED display only as a single screen to complete the display, this form is only one-way, and difficult to precise Monitor the working status of the screen, and intelligent LED display technology will be a good solution to this problem, to provide customers with a better experience.