The-Big-PK-of-the-Four-Satellite-TV-New-Year's-Eve-in-2019-LED-Screen + Black-Technology-Picking-up-Beauty-Dancing-Beauty

- Jan 07, 2019-

   Hunan Satellite TV: Multi-dimensional panoramic design, play subdivision LED display screen

   Hunan Satellite Television's Annual Concert refreshes the audience's expectations in dance design, visual packaging and other aspects, bringing you a full range of audio-visual feast. This year Hunan Satellite TV's annual concert stage has been upgraded in an all-round way, with "music engine" as the main visual core creative concept, inviting international visual effects masters to practice knives and create classics.


     Hunan Satellite TV's New Year's Evening Gala stage adopts multi-dimensional panoramic design, which combines a new world with a conceptual stage and is simple and atmospheric. The whole stage is composed of three giant LED arc screen, LED ground screen, LED mobile sky screen, suspension stage, lifting stage, lifting semi-circular transparent screen and so on. Live broadcast with a new photographic mode brings audio-visual experience. This shows that the new year's party dance beauty of Hunan Satellite TV uses not only a large number of LED display screens, but also the type of display screen is relatively rich, from the floor tiles screen, to the "floating" mobile sky screen in the air, and then to a large area of transparent screen, can be said to be all-inclusive.

     Hunan Satellite TV's New Year concert has always been in the forefront of stage technology, demonstrating its continuous innovation belief. On the basis of last year's high-tech such as virtual reality, panoramic projection, AR technology, real-time tracking and so on, this year's New Year's Eve also added high-tech such as real-time vision enhancement, light tracking, laser tracking and camera tracking. The combination of on-site LED display and black technology achieves the switch between fuzzy virtual and reality, bringing about the effect of on-site audio-visual.

Zhejiang Satellite TV: An Irregular Dragon-shaped Stage, Saluting the 40 Years of Reform and Opening-up

     Zhejiang Satellite TV has been one of the three domestic TV stations in recent two years. In the stage design of this year's New Year's Eve, Zhejiang Satellite TV has made innovations, breaking through the symmetrical structure design of previous years'stage. With the visualization form, two huge dragon ridges form the main vision of the stage, and the triangular elevation forms the "dragon pearl" separated stage phase of the leading body up to 9 meters and the other side of the stage. Looking forward to using the intention of the Chinese dragon to present a China that has been making great strides in the past 40 years of reform and opening up.


     This year, Zhejiang Satellite TV's New Year's Eve visual presentation has also been upgraded in an all-round way. In addition to using a large area of traditional LED display, the background opening and closing screen uses a more transparent ice screen, which can make the combination of light and shadow closer, and in the stage performance, it integrates with screen projection and virtual technology to create a magnificent atmosphere. Jiangsu Satellite TV Technology Help Banquet, Ice Screen Build Air Show

     Jiangsu Satellite TV is undoubtedly the biggest winner in the contest for the concert in the year of 2019. It beat Hunan Satellite TV in the same period and topped the ratings list. Of course, Jiangsu Satellite TV can achieve such good results, it must be inseparable from the high level of the evening party and high quality completion.

     The main stage design of Jiangsu Satellite Television's concert in 2019 takes the meaning of "heaven and earth", and divides it into two stages: sky and underground. The ground returns to the square countertop, and three ring screens composed of "ice screens" are added above, which can be closed to form a circle. Compared with previous years, the newly added "Sky Show" is no longer limited to responding to the performance content of the ground stage with the help of light transformation, but to make full use of the expression space on the stage, using flexible changes that can be lifted and lowered by three ring screens, changing various shapes, and creating a gorgeous "Sky City".

     The main stage and the lighting numerical control hanging system form the main dance beauty structure of the stage. In addition to the central stage, there are two light curtain walls at both ends of the venue as the background of the concert. There are three circles of light quilts around the stage, which can be used for lifting. The quilts are covered by computer lights and LED screens.

Oriental Satellite TV Technology Enables "Hourglass" to Flow

     How to achieve content breakthroughs and technological innovations, at the same time, close to the spiritual needs of ordinary people, make traditional culture popular, become the creators of the Oriental New Year's Eve in 2019 have been thinking and trying to solve the problem. For this reason, Zhao Min, who participated in the stage design of Chinese film Huabiao Awards and Golden Rooster Awards, was invited to the 2019 Oriental Satellite TV New Year's Evening.


     The main venue stage in Mercedes-Benz culture is designed as a flowing hourglass. The background of the stage is a large LED display screen. The center is a time flow device. Each edge of the stage is composed of a liftable LED screen and a movable lamp. The surrounding LED and spiral design uses the flowing device as the center, which can not only rise and fall, but also phase. Rotating the concentric circle

     A variety of technologies, including AR reality enhancement technology, will cooperate with star tracks to create the most fantastic and appropriate visual effects. The whole stage design can not only see avant-garde technical means everywhere, but also devote efforts to the expression of feelings and temperature, presenting the integration of science and technology and art.

     The real world is limited, and the imaginary world is infinite. Every year, every big satellite TV's New Year's Eve party can break through the imagination in dancing beauty, bringing more thinking to those engaged in LED stage rental screen and performing arts industry. In this year's four New Year's Eve parties, subdivided LED display and black technology have successfully aroused the beams of Party dancing beauty, using a stage full of technology sense to achieve real interaction across the screen, creating an unparalleled audition feast for the audience.