The change of the structure of the LED display industry employees

- May 16, 2018-

In the early the 1990s, LED display into the domestic market, China has the first batch of LED display industry enterprises, the LED display industry enterprises in the software and hardware development, manufacturing, sales, installation, service and other aspects of the experience can be used for reference very little, the core technology to master the hands of foreign enterprises,

Products with low technical content, high production costs, so that less market application areas, LED display industry in the early years of growth, into the late 90, with the blue light-emitting chip technology, chip packaging technology mature and supporting the full color display control system is increasingly perfect, China LED display industry began to enter a rapid development period. Practitioners working in the early LED display industry, is a group of good learning, dare to try and innovate 60 and 70, they from the initial work of the Enterprise master the production technology of the industry, aiming at market development opportunities, have entered the market their own enterprises, from the initial several enterprises, the annual output value of tens of millions of yuan to dozens of enterprises, The annual output value billion, this group of "young people", they promote the LED display industry in China's development, become the leader of the domestic led display industry.

In this process, from the production of product development and quality control to the establishment of standards, gradually found suitable for the industry development of the road, into the early 21st century they in the LED Full-color display, 256-level Grayscale video control technology, cluster without warp control, multi-level group control technology and so on to reach the international level.