The classification and application of LED display in stadiums

- Jan 17, 2019-

  LED displays in sports venues are mainly divided into three categories:

  LED sports event screen is generally divided into live LED live screen and timing score two parts, the computer network control system for data processing, control the large screen display content, in recent years because of the market demand, LED fence screen around the football stadium is also widely used, mainly used for commercial advertising.

  1. LED full-color large screen

 This kind of LED large screen is mainly used to play the wonderful picture of the stadium game and the close-up shot in slow motion. The control system of the LED screen and the cameras in all directions of the stadium are connected together to see these live broadcast and switching pictures from all angles.



  2. LED court fence screen

  If every corner of the field giant LED display is a wonderful picture, then football fields around the LED display screen is mainly used in commercial advertising and event information broadcast, LED display screen to get the stadium fence around the world famous brand, Nike, adidas, panasonic, nikon including China's brands are in the China yingli, let the world see the charm that bloom LED stadium fence panel.

球场 2


  3. LED scoring screen

  LED scoring screen is generally used for basketball, table tennis, volleyball and other venues.The LED display is connected with the real-time timing and scoring system, which can display the latest scores and information at any time.In addition, the LED display can also play the game information and notes or other information.In previous years, monochrome and two-color screens were popular. With the development and demand of the society, LED full-color scoring screens were also popular in sports venues.