The importance of full-color LED displays for libraries

- Feb 22, 2019-

  Since the beginning of the 21st century in addition to LED display technology has been very hot, the level of technology is increasingly advanced, the use of a very wide range.Whether in the bustling city, or in second - and third-tier cities, we can see a full color LED display, such as the middle of the square of the big video ads, the electronic signs are everywhere on both sides of the street, the hotel gate or within the hall also often equipped with display screen, LED display the use of the city has become so common in our country.Now in 2017, both urban public libraries and university libraries have gradually realized the importance of LED display, and they have gradually installed LED display. In particular, full-color LED display screen is generally equipped in the newly built buildings of schools or companies.Moreover, many colleges and universities regard the library as the school's landmark building and have higher requirements for the display screen.As one of the important landmark buildings of the school, the picture and text information center plays a particularly important role in receiving foreign guests, meeting display, holding important meetings and even international meetings.

   Now the library of all kinds of notices, cultural media, press releases, holiday wishes, guests welcome speech, etc.Can replace the banner at the gate.Library is often held in front of the gate related service campaign, rituals, use the full color LED display instead of the library front banner, can at any time according to the content quick and easy to adjust the related content, and does not require the staff manual operation, in the background that can be made as a result, not only saving the materials and the manufacture cost, at the same time also saves labor.Promotional materials can be accompanied by theme-related background pictures, text can be arranged at will, style serious, warm, cheerful can be.

  This can be a good alternative to the daily publicity boards.The large LED screen in the lobby also plays an important role in daily business work. It can not only replace a variety of traditional publicity modes, but also provide readers with information such as admission notice, collection utilization guide, training information, latest notice and announcement.More can design different display forms according to different themes, such as some notices, announcement letters should be simple and eye-catching, can be white on a black background, can also be black on a white background, should be intuitive as the first element;Enter the library must know and guide can be designed to warm and beautiful, and add background or ICONS, can also be used in the form of animation, activity notice can be designed to some lively, in order to stimulate the enthusiasm of readers.In this way, LED display can be better used in the library.