The most powerful equipment for taxis is the LED screen users on the roof of the taxi: the function is so powerful.

- Feb 26, 2019-

   Urban traffic means bring a lot of convenience to the city people. Next, let's talk about taxi. It can be seen everywhere in the streets and alleys. As you all know, there is an LED screen on the roof of the taxi. Maybe many people react to it by advertising. But is this LED screen really as simple as advertisement? The old driver said that the most powerful equipment of taxi is the LED screen on the roof of the car. The netizens sighed, "The function is so powerful", so let's listen to what the old driver said first! 



   With the continuous development of modern technology and technology, these technologies have also been applied to life. People often see all kinds of advertisements on the roof of taxis; however, there are "hidden mysteries" in this billboard. At present, in order to strengthen the management of taxis, many cities have installed GPS positioning system and special LED headlights for taxi roofs. Where is the "new" equipment? At present, some cities have LED screens on taxi roofs which can check the running status of vehicles, the trajectory of vehicles and the status of the personnel in the taxi at any time. In addition, drivers are equipped with alarm devices. When the alarm device is triggered, a distress signal will be displayed on the LED screen on the roof of the car.



    From this point of view, the equipment is invisible to ensure the safety of the driver. Also, if you encounter a passenger who has lost everything, you can find the location of the vehicle through software and satellite positioning to find the lost items. However, such a taxi roof LED screen only exists in some cities, while other cities still use the old-fashioned LED screen, which has few functions. Some netizens said, "If this measure is installed in place, the safety of drivers and passengers will be greatly improved." In addition, some cities have the same difficulty in installing and replacing the original LED screen. The replacement base is too many and the cost is high.

     But the corresponding safety factor and convenience factor will be greatly increased. Every year, many passengers drop things on the car, but the driver can not contact the passengers, and the passengers can not find the driver. But the LED roof screen has this function to help the passengers find the taxi and find their own things. Secondly, when many foreign passengers take taxis, the driver may take the passengers around when they hear the foreign accent; but this LED screen can clearly reflect the trajectory of the travel record, so that passengers who complain about the driver's detour will not fall into an embarrassing situation without evidence, nor will they wrongly treat the driver. I believe that it will be popularized and promoted nationwide in the near future.



   To be honest, Xiaobian is still looking forward to the national promotion of this day, strengthen the management of taxis, to ensure the safety of passengers, but also to protect the legitimate rights and interests of drivers. In this regard, about the taxi LED headlight equipment, with positioning, monitoring, publicity, alarm function, what do you think? Do you look forward to the national promotion of the arrival of this day?