- Jan 05, 2019-

   With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people pay more attention to the experience and feelings of the consumption process.

   Therefore, exploring the use of "new retail" mode to initiate the upgrade of consumer shopping experience, promoting the transformation of consumer shopping methods, and building an omni-channel ecological structure of the retail industry will become another useful attempt for traditional e-commerce enterprises to achieve self-innovation and development.

   In order to promote the development of the retail industry, adapt to the trend of the times. At the Ali Yunqi Conference in October 2016, Alibaba Mayun first proposed “new retail” in his speech.


“New retail” means that enterprises rely on the Internet to upgrade and transform the production, circulation and sales process of goods through the use of advanced technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence, thereby reshaping the structure and ecosystem. A new retail model of services, offline experience and deep integration of modern logistics.

   In traditional retail stores, merchants use posters to promote marketing products. With the aesthetic fatigue of consumers, the improvement of spending power and the diversification of brand competition methods, static advertising can no longer effectively attract consumers' attention. In order to change this situation, many merchants refer LED display to the market through LED. The display shows the dynamic display of product and brand promotion. The store also has a deepening of the LED display brand image, and it also increases the passenger flow.

  In recent years, with the introduction of new retail, new retail will set off a revolution in the retail industry. The retail industry is welcoming the new retail era. What will the LED display look like in the new retail era?


   New retail, through the LED display as a display terminal, to create a scene marketing. That is, through the use of various intelligent means through the use of big data analysis and processing, to influence consumers' desire to purchase.


   With the rise of new retail, LED transparent screens play an increasingly important role in commercial retail window, interior decoration, and other fields. As we all know, store window display is an important means for retail stores to display products and promote. LED transparent screen has the advantages of high transparency, and it will also show the beautiful scene in front of customers through this advantage.

   In the mall, the LED display shows a big screen, and because of the new retail, it sends out a huge magic.


   In the traditional store, the liquid crystal display terminal LCD occupies an important position, but the LCD will be restricted by the size, and cannot be infinitely enlarged. When the display terminal virtually tries on clothes and shoes, the whole body cannot get the sensory experience. LCD defects give the LED display a chance to enter the store. LED small-pitch display, with its unique advantages, to make up for the lack of LCD, with the emergence of new retail, people's experience of product sales is more and more important, LED display will also occupy an important position in the mall.


   The new retail will also bring the psychological distance between the LED display and the consumer closer.


   The positioning of the new retail is that all actions are guided by consumer appeal and create the best brand experience. In the new retail era, each customer can be closely linked to their own smart phones, shopping malls and other large-screen display terminals. LED display manufacturers have also reconstructed the relationship between merchants and consumers.


  New retail will make people's screen interaction more and more important.


   Traditional shopping malls will display a wide range of products for consumers to choose. Consumers will always make things messy by touching and fiddling. With the arrival of new retail, LED display has become a catalyst for human screen interaction. Consumers only need to touch it gently. , you can complete the data matching of the goods, the virtual try on clothes, shoes, etc.


  In the future, human screen interaction will become the trend of LED display development.


   The rise of new retail will also change the traditional retail model. Experiential shopping represented by VR will increasingly rely on the construction of display terminals.


   Under the current new retail turmoil, many industry giants have joined forces to join the revolution in the retail industry in this new era. LED display manufacturers also hope to take advantage of the new retail Dongfeng to create a better visual and shopping experience for customers.


   At present, LED large screen is used as the terminal to build LED display products with interactive, big data cloud operation and VR technologies. Through these new technologies, the terminal scenes of new retail in the future will be “design, interaction and experience”. As the main appeal, the scene is grafted with more cross-border elements to satisfy consumers' emotional needs such as personalization and design, enrich the diversified experience, and form a new commercial space and atmosphere. To present this beautiful scene, this also carries out a comprehensive test of the quality and function of LED display. This requires an optimized upgrade of LED display technology.


    With the advent of the "new retail" era, LED display companies should integrate their brand strategy under the concept of "new retail" and integrate their own brand strategy. The LED display will be equipped with a "new retail" express train.