The smart transportation market has a scale of 8 billion LED car screens

- Jan 15, 2019-

  In the process of building a smart city, the concept of “wisdom” has penetrated the hearts of the people and has led to the development of many industrial markets. The most notable one is the huge impact on the transportation industry. According to statistics, in the first half of 2018, China's urban smart transportation market reached 8 billion, an increase of 2.6%.

 The traditional transportation industry incorporates a new concept of “intelligence”, which brings a refreshing and more modern feeling. It also makes the LED display industry, which is a high-tech industry, see unlimited business opportunities in the 8 billion market, attracting many LED screen enterprises. Started to develop for the intelligent transportation market, and developed a variety of subdivided LED display products for smart transportation. Among them, LED car screen is known as "screen small power", applied to buses, taxis and other vehicles, with the excellent mobile publicity effect, has been valued and favored by the market.

 Walking LED car screen Excellent mobile promotional effect

LED car screen is different from conventional door screen and fixed LED display. LED car screen is suitable for mobile vehicles such as buses, taxis, advertising vehicles, etc. It is a set of LED display with rapid development. A separate LED car display system.

In the traditional consciousness of many people, the LED car screen is the LED single or double color bar screen of the taxi top or rear window, used to scroll text information and advertising information; or used for the front and rear of the bus, the right side shows the street sign "Electronic broadcaster" for information such as brakes, left turn, and right turn. In fact, far more than this, because LED car screens can travel around the city with mobile vehicles, can achieve better product promotion and publicity than traditional fixed outdoor LED advertising screens such as airports and stations. The entire vehicle body is equipped with an LED car display screen to play advertising information such as text, pictures, videos, etc., and the product image is passed through the mobile publicity of the car screen, and the subtle audience is deeply submerged.

   It can be seen that in the current traditional outdoor LED advertising screen due to lack of innovation, and can not bring good brand publicity effect, LED car screen has become the first choice of major advertisers, and even some insiders predict that LED car screen will It will directly threaten the status of outdoor LED display in the field of advertising, and will become one of the most popular LED display sub-products used in the outdoor advertising communication market. The future market of LED car screen is immeasurable.

MicroLED is promising. It is expected to dominate the display market for vehicles.

In addition to the outdoor car screen, with the increase in the popularity of smart car networking, new energy vehicles and autonomous vehicles, the use of in-car displays has also increased significantly. According to the latest report, the total number of passenger car displays in 2017 is about 241 million. It is estimated that the total number of automotive panels for passenger cars will grow to 624 million in 2025, and the composite growth in 2017-2025 The rate is 13%.


For the time being, the mainstream automotive market is still dominated by high-reliability and stable LCDs. The current status of OLEDs is still to be optimized due to the high reliability of the vehicles. However, according to the specifications and performance, the contrast and brightness of the Micro LED are better than that of the LCD, which can improve the cost performance of the product. Although the process transfer rate of the Micro LED is low, it is impossible to enter the high-order resolution field, but if the Micro LED can Breaking through this problem will most likely cut into low-resolution applications, replacing LCDs as the first in-car LED display products.

In the market share of smart transportation of 8 billion, the "walking" LED car screen is strategizing, but the small and exquisite body has great power. With the gradual expansion of the LED car screen market, it brings more business opportunities for LED display manufacturers, but this is not the end point. How to promote the LED car screen in a large scale, to a higher level, also all LEDs Screen people need to think about the problem!