- Dec 29, 2018-

  Today,LED display used in broader field. LED display of the effectiveness of the hotel LEDelectronic display is the fourth largestadvertising media after television,newspaper, network. It will bring tangiblesocial benefits for investors and economicbenefits, LED electronic display can be received from the computer, TV, VCR, VCD,video cameras and other information transmitted, and play dimensional or three-dimensional animation, text information at .anytime. With economic grows, Acceleratedpace of social work life, the hotel in people's .lives plays a indispensable role. Hotelis alarge population flow in today where itis asocial gathering place for celebrities, ofcourse, it is the window which needs huge.  LED electronic display will be full of your customer's demand for investors witha huge, immeasurable, long-term social andeconomic benefits.

   First,Social: A, promote thehotel's services and preferential policies toenhance the hotel's image. B, promote thehotel's "service commitment" and other content, enhancing its visibility. c, beautifythe hotel environment, to improve theirgrades and the taste is more conducive toattracting more customers a friend. D,Providing convenience to our customers.

   Second,Economic:The twenty-first century, a highlyinformation-oriented era, corporate

awareness of the advertisements has neverbeen so strong and is growing; Hotels flow-intensive, information requirements wide;LED electronic display, a high informationcontent of the display medium, a the world's best advertising media, can be,within 365 days a year to undertake a variety of advertising an unlimited numberof foreign business; In good operation, willobviously about to create rising prosperityhas brought enormous economic benefits.Guangzhou, China Trade Fair Exhibition Hall next to a large full-color screen, at anannual tens of millions of dollars inadvertising revenue for investors rolling in wealth; Xiamen Egret Plaza on the :state of large- -scale full-color, in just threeyears time, the recovery of more than 500million yuan of total investment, and is nearly 200 million a year net profit for the investors steady flow of economic benefits.

   The foregoing analysis, the Grand Hotel toconfigure a large LED electronic display,will give you and your guests with huge,long-term, good social and economic.