- Jan 04, 2019-

   Generally speaking, the main display products of restaurants are LCD screen and LED screen. Its function is to display the price of dishes on the day, new dishes, service information, festival greetings and so on. Of course, the screen can also play some novel content to attract passers-by to the restaurant.

     There are more people near the restaurant, and shopkeepers focus on the rate of customers entering the restaurant and the amount of consumption. So how to better attract consumers to shop consumption? A good propaganda tool media is very important, transparent LED glass screen is one of them.

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     Shopkeepers can use transparent LED glass screen in the window of the shop, hang in the hall or do partition effect. Transparent screen is not only a novel advertising media tool, but also can play colorful, visionary video and text information to attract customers to shop consumption. It can also play a good role in shop decoration, light, thin and timely. Shang's transparent screen will not affect indoor lighting and viewing line of sight when used, creating a comfortable dining environment for customers.

     In addition, stores can also play some thrifty videos and images on transparent screens to reduce waste and improve customers'dining quality, which plays a great role in advocating civilized dining.

     Dining room LED transparent electronic screen is a media which not only combines modern advanced technology and equipment, but also has a great breakthrough in green environmental protection. LED transparent screen has high permeability, bright color, dynamic picture and text information can be displayed in two directions. Large screen, wide viewing angle of the broadcast effect is also very shocking, can fully attract customers'attention.