Transparent glass screen and ordinary outdoor LED display screen which is more optimistic?

- Jan 25, 2019-


  Along with the urbanization construction and the development of the commercial economy, the planning of outdoor advertising market is more and more big, as the field of dynamic advertising carrier appeared outdoor LED screen, also more and more popular with the market, but the traditional housing type appeared the LED screen because of their defects brought many trouble for the manufacturers and customers, and the article LED lights the screen to the launch of the hollow out type, almost perfect to deal with the problem plagued by these people.LED display screen manufacturers

Transparent glass screen 3

  According to statistics, 60% of the cases of LED display screen fault is due to inadequate heat dissipation, and LED transparent glass screen shutter like structure to improve the heat dissipation function, reduce the probability of trouble.Moreover, the traditional LED display screen needs to be disassembled from the back, often "one-stop" repair method is different, the light bar screen can be directly in the front of the screen to disassemble the defective light bar, also do not need to build repair channel, repair more convenient.

  In fact, the general area of outdoor advertising screen requirements will not be as large as landmark building, and large screen outdoor advertising market demand in the outdoor advertising screens share is relatively small, at the same time, the traditional outdoor advertising LED screen device difficulty and customer demand is low, the general appeared outdoor advertising LED screen can be satisfied, which makes the advantage of the transparent glass LED screen no longer seems particularly outstanding.In addition, as an open structure LED display screen, the light bar screen in the tolerance is difficult to be generally recognized as the traditional box display screen.Appeared as is known to all, the wild screen inevitably protect against the weather for a long time, tolerance become such an important product requirements, and the structure of open mode, make the light bar screen in the function of waterproof, dustproof, etc on appeared like a traditional LED screen the same convincing, it also limits the transparent glass LED screen is widely used.

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  With the development of urbanization and commercialization, the need for field close-up display of shopping malls has also begun to be added, and the point distance of box LED display screen has now completed the technical innovation with the point distance less than 3mm, which can satisfy the demand for close-up view and is very suitable for the field close-up display.However, as for the LED strip screen with hollowed-out characteristics due to dedicated point distance, clarity is obviously a congenital lack that cannot be overcome, which means that the field of close use is destined to be difficult to set foot in LED transparent glass screen.

  If the small distance in the field is difficult to influence the LED light strip screen, the display of LED bright screen will greatly divide up the use of LED transparent glass screen in the shopping mall.Bright LED display screen with transparent, beautiful features has become one of the most popular display products in recent years, its 80% to 98% permeability greatly reduces the LED display screen on the building appearance.With so many outstanding advantages, LED transparent glass screen instantly overcomes the conventional LED screen and becomes the first choice of glass LED display screen.In recent years, the city on the management of outdoor advertising is increasingly strict, whether in Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, shenzhen, these first-tier cities have shown the removal of the practice of outdoor LED display screen phenomenon.In the case of such a lack of outdoor advertising resources, outdoor LED display screen shows a rich variety of outdoor media, trust in the future in the case of the gradual improvement of market awareness, bright LED display screen and outdoor LED display screen competition will be more intense!