Transparent LED glass screen power building lighting project, to achieve a scientific, efficient and low-carbon living environment

- Jan 31, 2019-

  Generally speaking, the building lighting project planning is to make the whole building construction into a full-body lighting hall, which not only beautifies the city, but also improves the image of the building, achieves the function of self-publicity and civilization expression, and even makes the general building become the landmark building.

  Building lighting planning not only to achieve the owners needed lighting, but also to ensure the safety of the facade glass curtain wall.Therefore, the selection of things in the building lighting project is particularly important.Planners should take a comprehensive consideration of a variety of lighting things, so that full of lighting building features, not lack of the main body and three-dimensional sense.

Transparent glass screen 4.jpg

  LED transparent glass screen is a kind of new product of building lighting. On the basis of insisting on building the facade in a hurried and simple way, it integrates the magnificence into the construction planning concept. With the help of modern LED photoelectric words, it speaks for the glass curtain wall and creates a perfect three-dimensional blending effect with the details of precision painting.

  The construction planner can determine the key points of lighting according to the construction characteristics, ensure the important lighting layers, build a comfortable and charming light environment, ensure the lighting level required by the functions and activities of each area, meet the visual requirements, and better show the fashion sense of the office building.

  Transparent glass LED screen power building lighting planning comfortable Angle of view for the key points in the human body, prevent large area super bright, light, comfortable and charming night at the building environment, bright-coloured color damage after completion of installation does not affect indoor daylighting, and watch the view, scientific and reasonable light distribution, lighting, power density, green and energy saving, complete scientific and efficient low-carbon living environment.