Transparent LED screen market has become a competitive place for many enterprises

- Feb 25, 2019-

     Nowadays, LED display is inseparable from people's life. With the continuous expansion of the application field of display screen, the constant compression of traditional market and the intensification of competitive pressure, market transparent LED display screen has become a must for many LED enterprises.

     From the 1990s to the present, the rapid development trend of LED display is obvious to all. With vivid, rich, dazzling, diverse and intelligent display effect, coupled with the stable improvement of cost performance, indoor LED display has now become the main application product of LED display products. According to relevant statistics, in the past year, although the share of the outdoor LED display application market has increased more than in previous years, the main source of growth is the innovation of products and the rapid improvement of product performance, not the improvement of product sales. This also means that the production and operation mode of the former model has been out of date, and can no longer promote the development of the industry itself.

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Transparent LED display market

     With the gradual improvement of outdoor light pollution, the approval of outdoor installation of large LED screen is gradually strict. The phenomenon of demolishing conventional outdoor LED display has appeared in Qingdao, Shanghai and other places, and the living space of outdoor LED display is further compressed. In addition, the technical standards of the products are more strictly checked by the end-users, especially the impact of the practical safety of the structure and outdoor light pollution.    

     The appearance of transparent LED display makes up for the shortcomings of outdoor LED display. Its characteristics of high transparency, invisible installation, indoor installation, outdoor viewing and highlight display are deeply loved by the market. Transparent LED display not only improves the commercial value of glass curtain wall, but also creates a new type of outdoor media resources under the increasingly scarce environment of outdoor advertising resources. It also brightens up the city and makes the city greener and wiser.

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   So now if LED display companies want to further expand the display market, they must improve their own product technology and service quality. Some large enterprises in the industry have entered the transparent display market one after another, and a number of new transparent LED display manufacturers have emerged, which makes the market more active. The concept of transparent display is known by more people and has great potential for market development. It is believed that in the near future, transparency shows that competition in this market will tend to be white-hot. Only by taking the lead can we gain a better foothold in the new market.