What is the difference between conventional LED display and Soft Flexible LED Display?Which is better?

- Jan 25, 2019-

 LED soft screen is also called flexible LED display, which belongs to the category of creative LED large screen.What are the differences between LED soft screen and ordinary LED screen?Which is better?Let's answer it for you.

A、 differences between LED soft screen and conventional LED display screen:

a.LED soft screen features:

Strong adaptability of the device: it can complete all kinds of heterogeneity, such as spherical, arc, etc., and can be transverse and longitudinal tortuous deformation device, not subject to the constraints of the application scene.

Cool: fully transparent data optional, creative double-sided display, complete live 3D

Simple protection: the first LED embedded bar structure, the use of field can be completed quickly protection;

Light: component only 10 kg / ㎡, device and handling products easily, saving time and cost of capital;

Transparent: pixel bar structure planning, transparent rate up to 60%, low wind resistance, can also be used safely in strong wind climate.

Thin: the thickness is only about 10mm, occupying little space, saving device and transportation space

High protection: protection level up to IP65, no fear of severe rain weather, outdoor safe use;

soft led screen

b. Conventional LED display features:

High brightness: the field brightness is greater than 8000mcd/m2, which is the only large display terminal supporting all-weather use in the field;Indoor brightness greater than 2000md/m2;

Length of life: LED life is as long as 100,000 hours. This parameter generally refers to the planning life, even when the brightness is dark.

Large viewing Angle: indoor viewing Angle can be more than 160 degrees, and outdoor viewing Angle can be more than 120 degrees.The size of the Angle depends on the shape of the LED;

LED screen area can be large or small, small to less than one square meter, large up to hundreds, thousands of square meters;

flexible led screen

B、 LED soft screen and conventional LED display screen which is better

After the above characteristics of the analysis, we know that the LED soft screen than the usual LED display screen lighter, thin, transparent, device protection bento, flexible twists and turns, more energy saving, etc..It doesn't clarify which of them is better.This demand sees detailed application category and show demand.For example, the traditional use of square, hotel, commercial street and other places, only show video broadcast advertising, etc., that the use of traditional LED display screen will be better;If it is stage planning, nightclub and building exterior decoration category, requires cool personalized, then choose LED soft screen will be better, can be made into a ball or arc and other shapes.