360 Degree Arc LED Screen

- Jan 18, 2019-

  Has changed view concept of traditional LED display by offering broader visual area and serving more spectators. Unlike traditional LED Screen, Circle LED Display is Spectators in an area with radius of about ten meters can enjoy the high definition andvivid image.Round Vision LED Display is next generation LED display by providing economic feasibility and high resolution. With unique 360 degree visibility and High resolution and contrast,it becomes new eye-catching tools for advertising.it can be used for indoor led application or outdoor led advertising.

  LED signs, actually speaking, it’s made of a lot of circular LED units with lattice modules, and 4 lines from top to bottom with 8 modules in every line. What’s more, the bottom is flat, while the outside surface is circular. This LED Screen is installed in a circular support, which is energy-efficient, easy for installation and replacement, and suitable for all kinds of special situations. 

  Compared to the LED Screen with flat surface, circular LED signs in 360degree gets much more vivid images, because we use precise image control technology to light the red, green and blue LED chips in one dot and mix the three kinds of colors at the same time, to reach 16,777,216 kinds of colors with the grayscale of 256levels each. To lengthen the life span and decrease the cost, we adopt dynamic scanning and refreshing technology and less luminous components.

360 degree arc LED Screen will also use for rent led display,sports led display screen,Advertising LED Display and so on

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