Don't Criticize The Light Pollution Of The LED Screen. Transparent LED Can Achieve The Best Of Both Worlds.

- Jan 16, 2019-

   People's impression of things mostly comes from vision, which is also the reason why we are increasingly demanding the quality of the screen. Nowadays, the most commonly used screen on the market is the LED screen, and various manufacturers have been actively making breakthroughs in screen color and color uniformity.

 Wide application of LED

     From the 1990s to the present, the rapid development trend of LED display is obvious to all. With vivid, rich, dazzling, diverse and intelligent display effect, coupled with the stable improvement of cost performance, indoor LED display has now become the main application product of LED.


Light pollution is serious

     However, with the serious problem of light pollution in recent years, outdoor LED screens have been criticized, and the living space of outdoor LED screens has been compressed. In addition, the technical standards of the products are more strictly checked by the end-users, especially the impact of structural safety and outdoor light pollution. This also urges LED screen manufacturers to try to change the status quo, using technology to solve problems.


Stealth mounting LED

     Therefore, transparent LED display is also born, its high permeability, invisible installation, indoor installation, outdoor viewing, highlight display characteristics are deeply loved by the market. Transparent LED display not only improves the commercial value of glass curtain wall, but also creates a new type of outdoor media resources under the increasingly scarce environment of outdoor advertising resources. It also decorates the city and makes the city greener and wiser.


     It won't be long before the transparent LED display can completely replace the ordinary LED display. From this point of view, products must change actively according to the changes of the market. Only continuous innovation can not be eliminated by the times.

Source: Huicong LED screen