Dynamic Ball Screen Cinema

- Jan 21, 2019-

  Dynamic ball screen cinema adopts 70mm projection equipment, hemispherical screen diameter up to 18 meters, when the audience watching the film, the whole picture is full of spheres, turn a blind eye to the screen edge, transmission of metal screen, six sound channel stereo effect, so that the audience to enjoy the variety, lifelike thousands of atmosphere.The dynamic platform in the cinema is a high-tech system engineering integrating hydraulic pressure, electrical automation control and computer animation.When you sit on the platform carrier, the whole carrier can be up and down, left and right tilt, pitch forward and backward, you can simulate the spacecraft to invite space travel, can also simulate the submersible, enjoy the strange scene of the undersea world.Along with the vivid picture and the platform carrier's activity, lets the human enter the role involuntarily, causes the very real and the thrilling stimulation special feeling.


  Dome film is a kind of film with a dome screen, also known as "ball screen film".Its domed screen is the result of the expansion of the widescreen to its limits and then to the sky, like a cauldron holding the viewer under.The first of these domed screens was the hemispherical one, which was used at a world's fair in New York in 1939 when five projectors projected giant composite images onto the hemispherical screen.In the second world war, some countries projected the image of enemy aircraft on this dome screen for air defense training.It only developed into a full dome in the 1970s.Dome movies are mostly shot and projected by a single camera.A 65mm or 35mm camera with a fisheye lens is used for shooting, and a 70mm projector with a fisheye lens is generally used for projection.There is a movie theater specially showing this kind of movie, the shape of the screen is half a dome, the diameter of the dome is 25 meters, the height is about 18 meters, and extends to the back of the entire auditorium, as if half a huge ball cover on the ground.The audience entered the "ball" through a special tunnel to watch the movie.Films of interplanetary voyages and of the Apollo missions to the moon were shown on this peculiar screen, and they were particularly good.There are several dome cinemas in China, the most representative one is the dome cinema of China science and technology museum in Beijing, which was built in August 1995. The screen is 27 meters in diameter and has 500 seats.The films that have been shown are the American 70mm film the grand canyon and into space.