Flexible Led Screen Breakthrough

- Jan 15, 2019-

   Wave was Spanish artist Daniel Canogar's first public space project in the United States and one of his most important projects.

   He challenged his artistic vision by reinventing the Houston Center's skyline.He wants to find a way to transfer the energy of space and create LED displays that look like waves, just like the effect of a soft LED display and curved flexible LED screen swimming through the air when a huge ribbon is blown by the breeze.However, in order to realize this idea, he needs advanced Flexible LED display industrial technology. In the end, the Flexible LED display of DESIGNLED(jujia jingpin company) --a creative LED screen provided him with strong technical support and became the only manufacturer capable of meeting the requirements.




   Why do we always have to watch images on a rigid flat screen?Wave certainly challenges this notion.Flexible LED displays give Daniel Canogar previously impossible tools to create bold new shapes.One of the key challenges is to find flexible LED tiles in the "wave".The flexible LED display can fully satisfy the complex bending shape, and its flexible LED module that can be twisted and deformed can fully satisfy the sculpture imagined for Houston Center.



   Finally, Canogar was very excited by the spiral flip effect produced by Flexible Led display of DESIGNLED, and all Houston Center employees were also impressed.