Folded Led Display Is Expected To Become A New Darling Of The High-end Market

- Jan 28, 2019-

  In enterprises and institutions multi-functional conference hall, exhibition hall and the big classroom of the school situation, led large screen display application solutions become more and more the universalization today, projection display a more traditional large screen display application solutions really began to gradually withdraw from the mainstream market, large screen display application becomes small.

  However, it is not difficult to find that in some specific occasions, the traditional solution of projector display is irreplaceable, and it has not been completely replaced because the projector display effect is worse than the led display effect.This has nothing to do with the external cost, also has nothing to do with the limitation of display area, etc.

  Now you might be wondering, what is this property?In fact, it is really unremarkable that the projection cloth configured by the projector can be expanded, folded and folded at will. In other words, the flexible application of the projector in space determines that it can still have a certain market living space in the conference room.

Folded led display


  For example, for the design of display application solutions, can you think of other display solutions besides the projector in the current display equipment products?There is a very important requirement is: the display plane is not allowed to cover the national emblem and the podium.Obviously, conventional display equipment, including ordinary led screen, LCD splicing screen and other products are impossible to achieve this requirement.


  Is there any display equipment that can achieve better display effect like led display screen and can stretch flexibly like the projection cloth of the projector without occupying extra space and affecting the overall design requirements of the meeting room?The answer is yes. Flexible led display application combines these two key features.

Folded led display 2

  This makes it possible for led screens for indoor and outdoor applications to automatically fold and shrink, making the screen body more flexible in terms of space occupation and more technological.Both in terms of practicality and creativity, it gives the user market a brand new video display device application experience.At present, led folding screen products have been widely used in stage rental market, outdoor media advertising and traditional led screen applications.The projector display application market is believed to be gradually cannibalized by led folding screen application products.