- Jan 07, 2019-

     The Teacher Development Center of the Park has a group of professional teams of "learning type, research type, innovation type and efficiency type" consisting of Jiangsu super teachers, famous teachers of Suzhou, subject leaders of Suzhou and subject leaders of the Park. 


More than ten years since its establishment, it has made positive contributions to the development of regional education, steadily improved the quality of regional education, increasingly highlighted the connotation and characteristics of school running, and achieved remarkable results in the construction of teachers.

     Recently, the indoor high-definition LED display built by the bright city of Jiangsu officially appeared in the Suzhou Teacher Development Center.


     It creates a more comfortable and modern information conference environment for everyone. Information from all sides can be shared to make meeting communication easier and smoother. It can vividly present more colorful content and ignite the enthusiasm of the meeting. Business applications: presenting details, focusing eyes, image processing, etc. It can communicate and work together remotely and in real time. Such as distance learning, video conferencing of leaders, training and teaching activities, etc. It occupies small space, is flexible and convenient to use, and is simple and fast to maintain.


     The Teacher Development Center of the Park will strive to establish provincial demonstration teacher development centers and look forward to the future with bright prospects.