How Can LED Display Better Serve The Construction Of Smart Cities?

- Feb 25, 2019-

   In recent years, the intelligent revolution represented by the application of new technologies such as Internet of Things, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence has begun. People's working, living and cognitive ways have been gradually transformed or even remodeled. At the same time, the wave of "Smart City" construction is sweeping forward, and affects the manufacturing industry of LED display screen.

     With the continuous improvement and updating of intelligent LED display technology and products, solutions and so on, the application of various intelligent city display terminals is becoming more and more common nowadays. The LED intelligent city display terminal formed by the combination of LED display industry and intelligent city ecology is also gradually widely used, especially in the light pole screen, intelligent monitoring, command traffic display, intelligent pedestrian crossing system and so on. Let LED display bring more possibilities to smart city terminal display.

     However, with the downward impact of the overall environment and economy, as well as the industry's own instability factors, the current market demand for LED display slows down; on the other hand, the industry is facing a new high-pressure normal of increasing costs, to see the development trend of the industry, in order to change and survive is the current choice that enterprises must make.

     Therefore, in order to better expand the development of LED display under the wave of smart city, for many LED screen enterprises, in addition to ensuring the quality and performance of intelligent display products to better meet market needs, they also need to further integrate screen enterprises with specific smart city terminal display subdivision areas to carry out enterprise value positioning, product innovation and marketing, which is L L. An important option for the transformation and innovation of ED display enterprises towards "smart field".



    First of all, in terms of product functions, smart LED display screen should change its function of display and isolation, but it is a smart terminal integrating environmental perception, intelligent identification, interaction, communication and other functions. Its application scope should also break the original dependence on walls, advertising pillars, etc. It can be widely installed in pedestrian streets, squares, residential areas, scenic spots, commercial streets, gas stations and bus stops. High-speed service areas, toll stations and other public places.

     Secondly, in terms of marketing methods, besides the product value of LED display products applied in the field of "wisdom", screen enterprises need to excavate the data value they carry. It should be known that the intelligent display system has the functions of communication, perception, interaction, recognition and monitoring, and forms various kinds of big data. The whole display system has formed a big data value chain. In the era of big data, this is where screen companies really make profits.

     Especially with the interconnection of LED display screen, the function and form of the intelligent city terminal of LED break through the limit of the original LED product more and more. Its function is not only the carrier of display, but also the node of sensing and collecting data in the link of big data value chain.

     Nowadays, Internet of Things, Big Data, Interactive Perception, Artificial Intelligence and LED Display Industry are more and more closely integrated. Many screen enterprises with insight into the opportunities have been keenly aware of the coming of new industry format, adjust the development strategy of enterprises in the light of the situation, and revolve around how to make display products and solutions more intelligent in many aspects such as brand, product and market. They have introduced new products and new technologies that combine LED display screen with intelligent ecosphere, which also makes the LED display industry enter the bottleneck stage. Provide new momentum, renew new vitality again!