- Jan 08, 2019-

   As an alternative media transmission method, digital outdoor LEDs continue to innovate in the application of LED outdoor display scenes, gradually covering the downtown business districts, adding a beautiful landscape to urban life, showing a booming trend. However, in its rapid development process, LED outdoor display also encountered many problems. In the past few years, many outdoor advertising campaigns have been carried out in many places, and many illegal LED outdoor displays are naturally included.


The reason why the LED outdoor display has been dismantled is the main reason for the rectification of the city appearance. In the process of setting up the LED outdoor display, there is a lack of scientific norms and management. The outdoor LED display on the street can be seen everywhere in the market, which has brought great influence to the city. At the same time, LED display screens bring a certain degree of visual pollution to the city due to its own strong illuminating characteristics, which is also a complaint in public opinion surveys.

With the increasing awareness of the public's environmental protection, the problem of "light pollution" has been gradually taken seriously by people. The strong illumination of the LED outdoor display has caused invisible harm to the surrounding residents. This is also an important reason for the removal of LED outdoor displays in some areas.

In addition, urban planning management personnel do not pay attention to the approval work of LED outdoor display in installation planning management, and it is also one of the reasons for the disassembly and rectification of LED outdoor display. In addition, the government management department's audit management is perfect, but there are still many LED outdoor displays that “know the law”, do not follow the legal approval process, product specifications and installation locations do not meet the approval requirements, and are illegal buildings. Once the display collapses, it will seriously affect the safety of pedestrians, and it will also bring danger to passing vehicles and drivers. The safety hazards in this situation have caused headaches for government agencies.

    Nowadays, in the face of the LED outdoor display dismantling activities on the market, LED display manufacturers as the creators of LED outdoor displays, for the problem of "light pollution", should use the automatic brightness adjustment system, through the outdoor brightness acquisition system to the ambient brightness The detection is performed to automatically convert the broadcast brightness suitable for the environment. At the same time, as the planner of brand advertising, the advertising operator should make a comprehensive product placement plan on the eve of the product launch. In addition, in order to enhance the effect of outdoor advertising, LED display manufacturers should strengthen communication with advertising operators, understand the needs of customers in the market, and develop corresponding products according to market demand. LED outdoor advertising operators can plan an advertising marketing plan that can capture the user's eyeball according to the existing display technology. The two cooperate with each other to achieve a win-win communication purpose.

    However, as China's Internet of Things and cloud computing boom continues to heat up, the wave of smart city construction has swept through. With the support of national policies, the demand for smart cities has grown substantially. It is expected that by 2022, the overall demand for smart cities in the country will exceed 300 billion yuan, reaching 3,240.2 billion yuan, and the market potential is huge.

   In the construction of smart cities, landscape display is undoubtedly an important part of it. The construction of smart communities and urban landmarks are inseparable from the application of LED displays. In addition to its own display function, LED outdoor display also plays an important role in embellishing the appearance of the city and adding charm to the city. Therefore, new display technologies such as LED transparent screen, LED light pole screen and LED creative shaped screen have emerged.


    The LED transparent screen is transparent and beautiful. In the commercial market, LED transparent screen applications have become more popular and popular. With its characteristics of transparency, lightness, installation, energy saving and environmental protection, it is widely favored by the market and plays an irreplaceable role in the field of landscape display in large cities in China.

    In addition to road lighting, LED light pole screen integrates screen display, environmental monitoring, mobile phone charging, voice broadcasting, WIFI, and camera functions. It also broadcasts information such as convenience services to realize business value and people's livelihood. service function. Relying on the general trend of smart city construction in various places, the construction of smart cities has undoubtedly created opportunities for the explosion of LED light pole screens.



   In addition, under the vigorous promotion of smart city construction, the development of new technologies such as AI and VR has brought new opportunities to the LED outdoor display market. At present, LED outdoor display is in the development turmoil, LED screen enterprises should firmly grasp this historical opportunity, and should increase efforts in product development and production. First of all, under the premise of ensuring product quality, increase investment in science and technology, reduce production costs, and make LED display prices more pro-people, and toward "popularization" development, everyone can afford. Secondly, the display control system should be more diversified in presentation mode, and the application method is more flexible. The use of the Internet to control its playback mode and remote control of other functions make the display more convenient. Finally, for the attachment of different shapes of the LED display itself, it should be more flexible, not limited to the form of walls, windows, etc. For the installation of LED outdoor display, it can be installed directly as long as there is space. Install it anytime, anywhere.

   The LED outdoor display is more likely to develop with lower cost, lighter weight and more operating system. It is the biggest expectation of LED screen enterprises and industry media operators. It is hoped that the LED outdoor display can become a beautiful landscape and urban landmark building in the city, and even a key node of urban cultural heritage.