Outdoor Full-color LED Screen Daily Maintenance Of What Are The Precautions?

- May 16, 2018-

"Daily Inspection" is the relevant display equipment for daily inspection and inspection, to find hidden dangers in time as far as possible to safety treatment.

Generally includes the following four aspects:

(1) Internal components and steel frame structure of the reinforcement inspection: in the weather and other natural disasters such as warning needs to check the stability and safety of various components of the screen, especially the steel structure of each of the 0 small parts, if there are problems, timely treatment. In addition, Full-color LED display is a high power consumption equipment, running for a considerable period of time, due to several start and stop operation, which power supply part of the terminal blocks due to heat and cold will cause loosening, contact is not tight, the formation of virtual connection, serious fever, or even the ignition of plastic components next Signal terminals will also be due to the ambient temperature and cold changes loose, moisture erosion leads to poor contact, resulting in equipment failure, it is necessary to the LED display connectors on a regular basis fastening.

In the fastener adjustment, should be evenly and properly, to ensure strong and effective.

(2) Inspection of lightning-prevention facilities: regular inspection of lightning rods and grounding lines, after a rainy day should be tested on the facilities, if the damage must be replaced in a timely manner. 

(3)The control system of the LED big screen checks: The system carries on the reliability check regularly, guarantees its normal operation; for all the lines and equipment on the big screen, check periodically to avoid accidents.

(4) Screen body power supply system inspection: First of all to check the distribution box in the wiring connection is rusty or loose, in order to be safe, the grounding of the electric box must ensure normal, regular inspection of power lines, to avoid line damage.