Outdoor LED Advertising Screen Before The Installation Of The Required Four Links

- May 16, 2018-

I. Field survey This refers to the outdoor LED display before the installation, should be aimed at the specific environment, topography, luminous radiation range, brightness and other parameters of the new unified test, in order to ensure the smooth installation of billboards, requirements lifting installation, must be directed to carry out a unified lifting program implementation, to ensure that normal,

Stable use of the device.

Second, the LED equipment to build For some outdoor led billboards to build, to distinguish between the wall advertising screen, hanging advertising screen and roof-type advertising screen.

The actual installation, should be based on distance height, with crane and hoist to carry out the section hoisting, while ensuring that the above people cooperate with each other, for aerial work led advertising screen, there is a better installation and use process.

Third, the luminous radiation range debugging

The next step is to carry out a specific radiation range test, due to different radiation range, LED display set angle of view, according to the field to accept the ability and the normal angle of view of the outdoor LED display fixed installation work, to ensure that every angle from afar, you can see the normal, brightness balanced image, subtitle information.

Iv. Follow-up inspection and maintenance Follow-up testing, including a number of areas, such as LED display waterproof, heat dissipation layer, led show waterproof coating, the screen above the rain, both sides of the cooling air, power supply line, and so on, the basis of the components of the products constitute the entire stability of the graphic LED display, the latter technical maintenance, It is necessary for these components to conduct a unified management and maintenance, encountered products rust, instability, damage, need to be replaced in a timely manner to ensure the safe use of the entire display.