- Jan 09, 2019-

   It guides and supervises the public security work of state organs, social organizations, enterprises and institutions and key construction projects, and directs the public security work of public security organizations such as public security committees.

     In order to strengthen supervision and management, safety supervision and other work, better serve the people. A Bureau of Changzhou Public Security Bureau has cooperated with Jiangsu company, relying on the small spacing LED display screen of Jiangsu Liangcai. A set of LCD large screen display system with advanced technology, perfect function, stable performance, safety and reliability, easy operation and convenient expansion is built.

Product: At the end of December, the product is packaged and ready to enter!

Installation site:

     The advantages of large screen display system in information monitoring, information publishing and processing, such as intuition, flexibility, scalability, network technology applicability, are affirmed and valued by the command center.