Screen Body Cleaning

- May 16, 2018-

LED Full-color working for a period of time, will be affected by the external environment and affect the display of visual viewing effect. At this time, we can in the bright screen and black screen in two states of the outdoor Full-color LED display screen for visual inspection. Include: whether the screen surface is contaminated, the aim is to remove the influence of surface fouling on the Luminescent property, whether the display surface has damage and not, the communication distribution cable line is normal; for high grade equipment, although the use of high reliability components and connectors, but caused its airtight become a key factor.

To regularly check the integrity of the seal, for outdoor screen steel structure to check the surface paint and rust, for outdoor screen surface pollution is particularly serious, but also to the display surface cleaning. Full color LED display screen cleaning is high-altitude, need to be equipped with professional cleaning team. The cleaning operation uses the high altitude hanging rope way (commonly known as spider person) or uses hangs the blue, the configuration specialized cleaning equipment, cleans the personnel according to the screen different dirt choice different detergent to have the targeted cleaning, thus ensures that does not damage the LED lamp and the mask the premise completes the LED screen cleaning work.