Small Distance Display Screen Explosive Growth

- Jan 17, 2019-

  As cost prices fell sharply and display over time effect duration, small spacing LED display industry show explosive growth, and already apparent in short supply, in previous years are sales season in the first quarter, the first quarter this year began to industry demand is very strong, small spacing LED alternative splicing screen markets such as the DLP in full (currently only about 20% of substitution), commercial market erupted, billions of civil market is starting, small spacing of the LED industry has been a major trend industry and capital market repeatedly confirmed, we expect the small distance between the LED industry over the next three years the compound growth rate is expected to more than 60%.


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  Previously LED display industry due to the low threshold, leading to industry concentration degree is low, the LED display more than 1000 enterprises, the industry top ten total market share of less than 10%, and with the increase of LED display technology (mainly embodied in the distance is more and more small, demand is higher and higher brightness, more and more complex, etc.) and product structure and the scale effect, industry technical barriers and capital barriers significantly increased, the LED display industry pattern is quickly shift from football shape to the dumbbell shape, in this context, Germany, tungtay precision, Elijah Voury ZhuoHua chau Ming and high quality enterprise represented by the mainland,With the advantages of capital, cost and entrepreneurship, it is rising rapidly. We expect that in the next two or three years, Voury zhuohua, as the enterprise with the strongest growth among LED display enterprises, will double its revenue in 2019.